Episode 5 - Meandering Through the Cold War (feat. Dan Carlin) - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Episode 5 - Meandering Through the Cold War (feat. Dan Carlin)

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2006-11-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

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Title Artist Time
Episode 5 - Meandering Through Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 48:34 USD Album Only


  • Take the title seriously!

    By Fly dye
    I want to preface this by saying I like how Dan Carlin delves into history. I absolutely loved Death Throes of the Republic. Logical Insanity...grand. Thor's Angels and the Wrath of the Khans...great. Want to know what they all have in common? They are LOOONGGG! Because our Man Dan...he has a flaw. He is in love with the sound of his own voice. He narrates and dances around the subject and fills in all these little details which really don't move the narrative along. This is the worst example of this. Please take a look at the run time: around 45 minutes. He spent TWENTY NINE of those minutes (yes, I checked) dancing around, kvetching, and whining about how it is impossible to actually make a fair podcast about the Cold War (you know...the reason you paid him the two dollars in the first place) Instead I getting exposition about political delicacy, historical theory etc. (I believe I heard him say THREE TIMES that some of these people are still alive. Whatsamatta? Your editor broke Dan?) So when he does a three hour podcast on the Theocracy of Mainz, or can stay on point with his 30 minute episode on 1066, he rocks. This episode? If you like the sound of his voice and a lot of hedging, buy it. Otherwise, he spends 45 minutes in that and blaming Stalin. Not worth two bucks.
  • Still great.

    By Jimnyyyyyy
    One of my least favorite episodes and yet I have listened to it multiple times and love it. There is simply nothing that compares to Hardcore History...except Common Sense.