Episode 27 - Ghosts of the Ostfront I (feat. Dan Carlin) - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Episode 27 - Ghosts of the Ostfront I (feat. Dan Carlin)

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

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Episode 27 - Ghosts of the Ost Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 5:53 USD Album Only


  • Problem

    By NRWDMenace
    I purchased this podcast only to find out that it's "not available in the US" it downloaded to my phone but won't play.
  • Hardcore History will change you!

    By Anne HW
    I’m very fortunate to have all of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts, and there is nothing like them. Each podcast is well researched and presented in a way that is second to none. If you ever thought you might be interested in history if only it wasn’t so dry and boring, here is your answer! Don’t limit yourself to just one; get them all!!! I’ve listened to every one twice and am halfway through a third time. Each CD is packed with so much information, it’s easy to enjoy many times over.
  • A must for all history lovers!

    By Allclassy April May
    Highly advise listening to these! Full of interesting facts, thrilling history and common sense.
  • Another outstanding body of work

    By Unapologetic History Nerd
    I really enjoyed this series! Carlin's narrativ style blends a foundation of cold hard facts with fascinating humanistic details of the individuals involved and how their personalities influenced their reaction to the events in which they found themsleves. I came away from this series with a "Coctail Party" level of understanding of this fascinating aspect of a war people think they know about. Mazel Tov Dan! well done!
  • Bought it but Never Got it

    By SteveB179
    I bought this PC on iTunes but it was never downloaded. It shows in my purchases but there is no apparent way to download it and there is no apparent way to report the problem to Apple. No more Dan Carlin Podcasts for me. Too bad because he is outstanding.
  • Great new perspective on WWII

    By OchenHerasho
    Dan successfully altered my perspective on WWII. This series helps you understand the emotional and strategic events that took place on the Eastern front, something that is so often overlooked in US history texts.
  • Very simple

    By Mombo-Man
    You want to make history live in your head pick up any Hardcore History, find a nice shade tree and let Dan take you there.
  • A Must for History Fans

    By Yoo-Hoo Tom
    I have owned this series for a little over a month now and have listened to it at least a dozen times. Not only is it extremely enlightening and entertaining, it has kindled a strong desire to learn more about the most important theatre of WWII. The show notes on the Hardcore History webbie has the full bibliography for the shows.
  • Best podcast ever

    By sharchaea
    I never write reviews, but I just needed to say that while I listen to a lot of podcasts, this is definitely the best. It is the only podcast I recommend to others. If you enjoy history at all, check this podcast out.
  • Ghosts of the Osfront.

    By Tryanst
    Wow, this series is OUTSTANDING! After listening and re listening, I feel as though i have actually been there during the war. I lost two uncles in WW II, Edward and Thomas Ryan. Thank you Dan for adding relevence to their sacrifice.