Fast Money - Birdman

Fast Money


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2004 Cash Money Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Intro Birdman 2:11 USD 0.69
My Territory Birdman 4:22 USD 0.99
Neck of the Woods Birdman & Lil Wayne 4:15 USD 0.99
Ghetto Life 6 Shot, Birdman & Bun B 4:21 USD 0.99
Hug Da Block Birdman 4:55 USD 0.69
Cash Money Niggaz Birdman & Lil Carl 4:43 USD 0.99
Shovlin' Snow Birdman, Curren$y, Lil Wayne & Main 4:30 USD 0.99
Pressure's On Birdman 4:20 USD 0.69
Get It All Together Birdman & Lil Wayne 5:04 USD 0.99
We Got That Birdman & 6 Shot 4:17 USD 0.99
Smoke Out 6 Shot, Birdman & Ta 4:39 USD 0.99
Big Pimpin' Birdman 4:44 USD 0.99
Out the Ghetto Birdman & Chop 2:28 USD 0.99
Around the World Birdman 4:43 USD 0.99
Solid Chic Birdman & Lil' Mo 5:12 USD 0.69
We Getting It On Big Tymers, Birdman & Ta 3:34 USD 0.69
Get Your Shine On Birdman & Lil Wayne 4:41 USD 0.99


  • Ohhh

    By tomskin
    Yurrrrr baddddd what r u doin oooooooo
  • Just read the review

    By **Silver & Black**
    cool to bump in the car but the rhymes and lyrics arent the best... covers too much of the same stuff... birdman is cool when ur in the party mood just not all the time
  • Shovlin' Snow

    By GoRun123
    Sweet song.
  • Same old, same old.

    By Wolfeman120
    Birdman is probably one of the least talented rappers I've ever listened to honestly. His voice sounds good, I'll give him that, but after you start listening to the actual lyrics and the beat, you start to realize this guy is about as skillful as Soulja Boy in the long run. (So not very.) He has one good song on the whole album: "Get Your Shine On." Now tell me, has anyone else noticed that the only songs of Birdman's that ever do well are the ones with Lil Wayne in them too? Honestly, the only reason this guy even hit the rap scene is because he's the CEO at Cash Money.
  • best album by birdman

    By i.o.b
    this album came out right before they got really big and has one of my favorite songs get your shine on and this cd is underated compare to their new cd
  • Birdman at his best

    By sparticus1648
    5 * stunna was alright but this definentley beats it except pop bottles was the craziest song ive ever heard.
  • The guy makes bird calls in his "music," people. C'mon.

    By Screaming Meat Nugget
    Think, people.
  • Original-sounding album

    By trillest
    Pretty good album. Not easy to get bored of, Baby's solo sophomore album was much better than his first. Cash Money Records definitely shows an evolution in this album, especially compared to Baby's first cd (partly due to Mannie Fresh only producing four songs). Big Tymers only show up on one song, and it has virtually the same beat as "Still Fly." Supporting cast could be better, but that's the case for most Cash Money records. This record is what led into critically-acclaimed, "Like Father, Like Son." It has similar sound, and if you don't own "Fast Money" I reccomend buying it and giving it a chance. You won't be dissapointed, even if you don't fall in love with this album.
  • Fast Money-Birdman

    By btaznpride
    Co CEO of Cash Money records, Birdman a.k.a. Baby releases his second album, Fast Money. My Territory: Production flows well, Birdman does his thing, nothing special. Guitars sounded good. 3/5 Neck Of The Woods: Great production, Lil' Wayne shines on this single with Birdman. 4/5 Ghetto Life: Mellow track, Bun B and 6 Shot add to this reflection of ghetto life. 3.5/5 Hug Da Block: Average track, horns sound good, nice hook. 3/5 Cash Money N***az: Lil' Carl is on the hook, as a bell and spooky synths add to this gangsta cut. 3/5 Shovlin Snow: Solid hook, huge guest list that helps the track. 3.5/5 Pressure's On: Decent track, production was nicely done. 3/5 Get It All Together: Great verse from Wayne, production was good as well. Highlight on the album. 4/5 We Got That: Street banger with 6 Shot, solid track. 4/5 Smoke Out: A smoker track, it's relaxful with Ta & 6 Shot. 3.5/5 Big Pimpin: Pimp track that is accompanied by fitting production. 3.5/5 Out The Ghetto: Chop's hook is bouncy and I liked this track, a little short. 3.5/5 Around The World: Skipper. 2.5/5 Solid Chic: Lil' Mo is fitting as well as the production, solid chick track. 4/5 We Getting It On: Reminiscent of "Still Fly" from Big Tymers, funny track. 4/5 Get Your Shine On: Great beat, Wayne and Birdman do well, great ender. 4.5/5 Solid album by CEO Birdman, he is helped a lot by his guest list, Lil' Wayne, Currency, Lil' Mo among others. Production was solid and there are plenty of bangers to satisfy the streets, another good Cash Money release. Rating 7.5 out of 10

    By curtis1219
    that song is the best of the album completely great song i have listened to it for hours

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