Music - Madonna



  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2000-09-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2000 Warner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Music Madonna 3:45 USD 1.29
Impressive Instant Madonna 3:37 USD 1.29
Runaway Lover Madonna 4:47 USD 1.29
I Deserve It Madonna 4:23 USD 1.29
Amazing Madonna 3:43 USD 1.29
Nobody's Perfect Madonna 4:58 USD 1.29
Don't Tell Me Madonna 4:40 USD 1.29
What It Feels Like for a Girl Madonna 4:43 USD 1.29
Paradise (Not for Me) Madonna 6:33 USD 1.29
Gone Madonna 3:25 USD 1.29


  • Music!!!!!!!!

    By Kikelyyyn
    The name of the album says it all. Music at its best. Live the country concept of this. Something different and amazing. Country meets pop meets electronic. Must have for all the music fans.
  • Madonna Shows Another Side with Music

    By Luca Strike
    While Music, the much anticipated follow-up to Ray of Light, has Madonna continuing her experimentation in Electronica, by no means does it define itself exclusively in that genre. Madonna knows better to repeat herself and in so doing, Music becomes a curious hybrid of said Electronica, Funk, 80's synth cheese and oddly enough, Folk and Country. When daring into new territory, it's never certain what the results may be; which is why Music showcases just as many brilliant gems as they do wild clunkers. Let's get the duds out of the way first: Nobody's Perfect falls flat, relying too heavily on its vocoded delivery and blander-than-soup lyrics. Runaway Lover, for all its sonic knobs and twiddles, can't compensate for what's essentially a lousy hook. Paradise (Not for me) is a posturing ditty without an ounce of charm, while I Deserve It is just a bunch of sullen stew -- though it is somewhat redeemed in Madonna's melancholy delivery of the lines, many roads I have travelled. While these tracks flounder, you can't say the same about the title track, Music. It's part dance floor anthem/part cheese-fest that bores indelibly into your head and feet. Airy, sleek, and unforgettably catchy, Music is a pure cheddar pop hit that won't let you forget the beat. Impressive Instant is a whirligig roof raiser in which Madonna purrs the utterly silly lines, I like to singy singy singy/like a bird on a wingy wingy wingy. Who would have thought after the dense and high minded seriousness of Ray of Light, that Madonna would actually once again showcase her sorely lacking sense of humor and playfulness? And while Amazing is a straight up DNA splice of Beautiful Stranger, it doesn't make it any less catchy. But the two most indisputably brilliant tracks are the back to back wonders of Don't Tell Me and What it Feels Like for a Girl. The gorgeous Don't Tell Me starts off with a staccato guitar riff reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama". It's a smart ballad with just the right touches of synth and guitar that's evocative without being derivative. The flourish of violins toward the end marks this song as a true original. What it Feels Like for a Girl is a midtempo sparkler about the role of adolescent girls in today's society and coming from an older and wiser Madonna, it also doubles as a poignant metaphor to the legacy the last generation of women have bestowed upon the younger. At first, it can seem lackluster and directionless until Madonna croons the simple poetic lines, silky smooth, lips as sweet as candy. From then on you're hooked and it's delivered with such emotion that the track clearly stands as the heart of the album. Music, all in all, is a scattershot affair. With hits and misses all over the place, this album gets my praise for Madonna's lack of complacency and willingness to explore new sonic territory. We've all known her as cultural icon, postfeminist chanteuse, reborn mother, lousy actress, etc., but Music should cement the notion of what fans have always suspected about Madonna: that she's a musician.
  • Music

    By adalverto
    With a new decade comes a New sound Reinventing music once again, the sound of this album was ahead of the time , A great album to own and still sound fresh for today’s music.
  • Average record

    By Lebanese_prince
    The title track I believe is her last essential single . The rest are unforgettable
  • Good

    By Xgirl909
    Can you please add the bonus tracks??
  • So many underrated songs

    By dangerous_muse
    This album is full Of amazing songs !! Specially I deserve it the sounds and all were ahead of its time .
  • Y2K

    By Gilbert-Ian
    This album was released when I was 18. It was everything then and it’s everything now. Unforgettable. #MyYouth
  • Short but sweet!

    By MrRyeRye23
    A short album but sweet! 😘❤️ classic album for the catalog!
  • Classic

    By JRiley1230
    Love it
  • Music

    By Drew Armani
    The year 2000 was good to Madonna. She was still reaching number one on the charts. This album was a great follow up to “Ray of Light” and the cowgirl reinvention was not a bad idea. This album screams early 2000s dance music. More singles definitely should’ve been released but we should be thankful for what we got. Classic Madonna as always.