Episode 34 - Death Throes of the Republic I - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Episode 34 - Death Throes of the Republic I

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

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  • Release Date: 2010-06-27
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Episode 34 - Death Throes of t Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 22:22 USD Album Only


  • Fantastic

    By Hamsandwich33
    I am a big fan of history and I love to finally find a podcast that covers history as much as like to. But if you love history or just want to learn more couldn't recommend this enough. Because if you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.
  • Favorite episodes from the world's finest podcaster

    By __whiteNoise
    Dan Carlin is an amazing storyteller, and succeeds overwhelmingly at conveying the greatest stories of our past. These stories are so incomprehensibly fantastic, that is difficult to imagine that they actually happened, to people just like you and me, and yet they did. And yet somehow some people manage to make them boring to many people. Not so with Carlin. With a "quality over quantity" approach, he delivers massive shows--often many hours in length, and leaves you glued to every second of them. Finally someone who knows how to do history justice. And he does it show, after show, after show. Also check out his other podcast, "common sense." Every. single. show. I have heard thus far of his is worthy of 5 stars. This series, and the series "Blueprint for Armageddon" I consider to be his best to date. Especially the epic, 5 hour long final part (which I listened to all of, mesmerised, in one sitting). I knew of Julius Caesar's significance to history, of course, but I was never aware of what a fascinating man he really was. Politically a liberal, almost populist figure, and yet an absolute dictator of what was nominally supposed to be a Republic. The victor in a long, merciless, battle for control of the entire civilized world, and yet known for being "a good guy." I could go on, but I won't do it justice--why don't you take a listen for yourself?
  • Amazing podcast

    By Taryn406
    Tho the episodes are very long, I find myself listening to them fully without being bored.
  • Gracchi Brothers

    By Fly dye
    This deals with Roman psychology and the first demagogues of the Republic: a pair of proto Socialists who offered the world to their poor followers in return for their votes.
  • Not to be missed

    By Unapologetic History Nerd
    Carlin is the master of info-tainment. His work is consistently superb and is alway well sourced. When people ask why i sought a degree in History, i recomend that they listen to Carlin and if they still don't understand, i know there is nothing i can tell them that will make them "get it". I have listened to everything he has ever released and would instantly purchase anything he releases even if it were titled "Dan Carlin's meditations on toenail growth." done and DONE!
  • Cato, Cato, Cato...

    By B. Mike
    If you are a human you must hear this. So many parts of human culture are steeped in the echoes from the Roman Republic. This series spans decades with clarity and genius. See all the connections. Learn the history of words like 'triumph' and 'crass' and 'brutal'. You will be more relevant and smarter after listening.
  • Amazing journey into the old republic!

    By Yohan321
    If your a fan of roman history ,or just curious about these ancient people then this massively entertaining series is something you will not want to miss!