Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition) - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition)

Led Zeppelin

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1970-10-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19

  • ℗ 2014 Atlantic Recording Corporation, A Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved


Title Artist Time
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 2:26 USD 1.29
Friends Led Zeppelin 3:53 USD 1.29
Celebration Day Led Zeppelin 3:30 USD 1.29
Since I've Been Loving You Led Zeppelin 7:24 USD 1.29
Out On the Tiles Led Zeppelin 4:07 USD 1.29
Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin 4:57 USD 1.29
Tangerine Led Zeppelin 3:11 USD 1.29
That's the Way Led Zeppelin 5:37 USD 1.29
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Led Zeppelin 4:17 USD 1.29
Hats Off to (Roy) Harper Led Zeppelin 3:42 USD 1.29
Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix) Led Zeppelin 2:27 USD 1.29
Friends (No Vocal) Led Zeppelin 3:42 USD 1.29
Celebration Day (Alternate Mix Led Zeppelin 3:19 USD 1.29
Since I've Been Loving You (Ro Led Zeppelin 7:17 USD 1.29
Bathroom Sound (No Vocal) Led Zeppelin 4:01 USD 1.29
Gallows Pole (Rough Mix) Led Zeppelin 5:20 USD 1.29
That's the Way (Rough Mix) Led Zeppelin 5:23 USD 1.29
Jennings Farm Blues (Rough Mix Led Zeppelin 5:54 USD 1.29
Key to the Highway / Trouble I Led Zeppelin 4:05 USD 1.29


  • Yes!

    By Fourzer0six
    This has the best unreleased material from Led Zeppelin. All the songs sound like their in early development. Well some do but they sound uncompressed or guitar overdubs aren't added yet. 1. Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix) 7/10: This is pretty much "Immigrant Song" but the guitar echoes weren't added yet and the vocals are raised. 2. Friends (No Vocals) 5/10: I never liked the no vocal songs that Jimmy Page has been releasing but it's a matter of personal choice. There's no string parts in it which I found disappointing. 3. Celebration Day (Alternate Mix) 8/10: This the beginning of the early development of a song. The vocals are more clearer, the guitar sounds different like the haven't been compressed and the vocals have more pop to them. Like they haven't put any effects on them yet. 4. Since I've Been Loving You 10/10: Even though I don't like this song, this song is so good. This version at least. The whole beginning guitar solo is different, the beautiful organ that John Paul Jones is playing is raised and Robert Plants voice sounds like he just did one take on the vocals. There's more howling from Robert which is what I loved about the original "Since I've Been Loving You." 5. Bathroom Sound (No Vocals) 6/10. It's "Out On the Titles" if you didn't know what this song was but with no lyrics, the song seems more catchy. The guitar sounds amazing and the main riff is pretty cool. 6. Gallows Pole (Rough Mix) 10/10: This is the best uncompressed material they have on this album. Robert Plants voice was raised like this was a track for him to listen to to work on his vocals. The guitar is lowered at the beginning and the bass is raised. The bass sounds amazing. The drums sound unfinished which isn't a bad thing. No banjo, or John Bonham's singing. 7. That's the Way (Rough Mix) 10/10: It's not like "Gallows Pole (Rough Mix)" but it's beautiful. The guitar seems faster and Roberts voice also seems faster which fits the song. The mandolin parts of the song have different melodies playing. This is on par with the original version of "That's the Way." 8. Jennings Farm Blues (Rough Mix) 9/10: This is "Bron-y-Aur Stomp" before it turned into a stomp. More focused on a heavier guitar. At parts you definitely can hear "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" in the guitar. 9. Key to the Highway / Trouble in Mind (Rough Mix) 8/10: This sounds like Led Zeppelin wanted to do an actual 1920's blues song. It sounds amazing. Robert seems like he was an old blues singer.
  • Blues and Rock, great combo!

    By patrick jordan
    To fastcoreflea: most "classic rock" owes its riffs and roots to the blues. Clapton/Cream, The Stones, The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Canned Heat, 10 Years After, Jimi Hendrix. It's all heavily influenced by the blues and many rock songs have similar , if not exact riffs as the Blues.
  • Awesome

    By Random Guy dhdgkxbdrajfdhahv
    Whoever says that this is a waste of money, they're wrong! 1. There are a few brand new songs in the album! 2. There are also rare versions of old songs that are released. 3. If you already bought songs from Led Zeppelin III, you don't have to buy them again in order to get this album!
  • Poor

    By Lodger7474
    These editions are very poor!! No good extra trcks, no video, no booklet!!! no iTunes LP… Useless, only for to steal money at fans! Go home Jimmy Page!
  • Second disc better than Led zeppelin 2

    By Led Zeppelin III
    The original albums great with songs like, Immigrant song, Since I've been loving you, Tangerine, Celebration day, and Friends plus other good songs. A large amount of the album is acoustic with several Electric songs. The second is awesome, with different versions of songs and backing tracks...So I suggest you check this album out and give a rate.
  • Dear Fastcoreflea,

    By Musicianman2501
    If you heard their entire discography, you would know. And half of this album is great folk stuff. "Hats Off to (Roy) Harper" is the only acoustic blues song on this album. "Since I've Been Loving You" was their own song. Besides that, this is a great set. It would be better if they had "Hey Hey What Can I Do". But what a loser.
  • great

    By tim bullard
    reminds me of boy scout days on the way to eagle and philmont
  • Since Ive Been...........................

    To my ears, the "rough mix" of Since Ive Been Loving You is a different vocal performance, not a rough mix of the released tune. Does that mean there was a different vocal track ?
  • Thanks for keeping 44 year old album fresh!

    By EarnAwards
    Jimmy, thanks for taking the time to take Led Zeppelin higher and higher. You have succeeded in making old music new again. It’s 2014 and I feel like a teenager again thanks to your efforts. I love the blues feel of Keys to the Highway. Kudos to you, Robert, John Paul and John for providing more material to go another 44 years. This is truly a Whole Lotta Zep!
  • Dear G'berry

    By cellardrops
    B&N wouldn’t have “Hey Hey” on this release either. Loser.