Miracles - Two Steps From Hell


Two Steps From Hell

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2014-06-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 21

  • ℗ 2014 Two Steps from Hell


Title Artist Time
Miracles Two Steps From Hell 5:29 USD 0.99
Eria Two Steps From Hell 2:38 USD 0.99
Compass Two Steps From Hell 5:33 USD 0.99
Sun Gazer Two Steps From Hell 2:56 USD 0.99
Eyes Closing Two Steps From Hell 3:12 USD 0.99
Fountain of Life Two Steps From Hell 3:28 USD 0.99
Stay (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) Two Steps From Hell 3:22 USD 0.99
Men of Honor Two Steps From Hell 3:20 USD 0.99
My Freedom (feat. Merethe Solt Two Steps From Hell 3:55 USD 0.99
Perfect Love Two Steps From Hell 3:30 USD 0.99
Lux Aeterna Two Steps From Hell 3:26 USD 0.99
I Love You Forever Two Steps From Hell 4:00 USD 0.99
Color the Sky Two Steps From Hell 2:34 USD 0.99
Forever in My Dreams Two Steps From Hell 2:05 USD 0.99
Breath of Cold Air Two Steps From Hell 4:23 USD 0.99
Heart Two Steps From Hell 2:59 USD 0.99
Wind Queen Two Steps From Hell 2:06 USD 0.99
Northern Pastures Two Steps From Hell 2:10 USD 0.99
Science Two Steps From Hell 2:06 USD 0.99
Lost in Las Vegas Two Steps From Hell 10:14 USD Album Only
Compass (Bonus Track) [feat. M Two Steps From Hell 4:22 USD 0.99


  • I adore this album

    By crvp
    This album is a masterpiece. Each song transports you to a new world and fills you with a world of emotion. I listen to this album easily once a month and it inspires me every time. I can’t recommend this album enough. It’s perfect for working, running, driving or meditating. Actually, when do you NOT need beautiful music?
  • Different but still awesome

    By Mr4and2
    TSFH is one of my favorites! This album is less epic but it's beautiful and soothing. I still love TSFH and there music! 5 Stars baby!
  • Miracles: An Appropriate Title

    By Cmclement
    I never thought I would see an album from TSFH that was so breathtakingly beautiful, and I am incredibly pleased to be proven wrong in this situation. The music takes you by the hand and shows you the closest thing mn can come to Heaven, experienced through music. The songs range from upbeat and modern (Lost in Las Vegas) to mornful and chillingly beautiful (Lux Aeterna).
  • Refreshing and Smooth

    By DominateApple
    I loved Two Steps From Hell because of their inspirational, up-beat sound. This album shows a completely different side to what Thomas can do, and it’s just as riveting! Love the new feel and variety of Two Steps From Hell!
  • Different, in a good way!

    By keypod
    Honestly, this is a departure from the kind of emotion associated with their music. A very well done departure. This sounds more like the awesome soundtrack of a mhuge blockbuster. Absolutely fantastic!
  • Not what I Was Hoping For

    By Lilith***
    The previous albums for Two Steps From Hell all had incredible power, fire, and sounded like an epic battle. This album sounds like the romance of a movie. Sure, it's beautiful but it's not really exciting.
  • Different

    By saxman2004
    So like all the other reviews, if you are looking for the traditional TSFH sound, this album is not for you. I bought this album only to add to my collection but I really don't like it much. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful but as a composer, I tend to write music that incurs a lot of, shall we say, "battlefield emotions." This album is much tamer and calmer than the usual TSFH. You won't here much in clashing percussion or warring strings. I would still say to buy this album for collections sake.
  • Eyes closing a little different

    By Cerberus 5906
    Now don't get me wrong I in courage you to buy the album, but this is aimed at the people who changed eyes closing the beginning sounds just like the Internet but some things in the song where changed and that can ruin the emotions for people who have heard it played a certain way so I feel that I should listen to eyes closing on YouTube because it sounds original to me so do consider before buying.
  • Amazing!

    By Zepheem
    This is my favorite album from TSFH, the music is incredible, if you don't get the whole album, at least get Miracles, Compass, and Sun Gazer!
  • Pile O' Tbones

    By TmacBone14
    I love this album. As a fellow soundtrack writer, I'd like to express my profound thanks to you guys. Your music proves that there's still hope for this sector of the music industry. Keep doing what you do.