Amarantine - EP - Enya

Amarantine - EP


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2005-11-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2005 Warner Music UK Ltd


Title Artist Time
Amarantine (Single Version) Enya 3:07 USD Album Only
The Comb of the Winds Enya 3:39 USD 0.99
The Spaghetti Western Theme fr Enya 1:58 USD 0.99


  • Perfect vag*na music, but...

    By TimeDog
    ...I like music that's a little more exciting, like Blue Tribe and stuff like that.
  • She has yet to let me down, with one exception...

    By Druid Knight of the Word
    I would give my kingdom for her to do a concert tour! I have everything that Enya has ever done. I have all of her albums. I've seen all of her videos. There is no one out there better than Enya, when it comes to this genre of music. Enya has me as a fan forever! Bring on the next album, my Lady!
  • Sadly Stale

    By Patrtyn152
    While I own and love all of Enya's previous albums, it does seem as though she simply put new words to old songs. I find myself singing lyrics from different songs to Amarantine, because it seems so much like her previous album. While the song sounds good (more of a testament to the original song's quality), it seems to lack the ooph of other songs. Much as Xerox copies degrade, so too did these songs. In a nutshell: this album is good, but simply not as strong as the albums it was copied from.
  • Kick butt single

    By geesewarrior
  • ad nauseam

    By Don Bribón
    Dejà vu! It's sad to see Enya making knock-offs of her own music... Where did her inspiration and freshness go? I have everything by Enya and love her earlier CD's, that's why I'm so disappointed! I hate too see her repeat the same schemes ad nauseam.
  • Amazing!

    By Marty518
    Enya's songs are always relaxing and beautiful, and I believe the shining gem of this set is "The Comb of the Winds." One complaint people have is that it is too similar to her other songs, but if you love the style of "The Memory of Trees" and other mostly instrumental pieces, you'll love this song! It is so beautiful and inspiring. The other songs are also very good! Look for her new album on November 22nd!
  • Always grateful for new releases....

    By Coach Bucky
    Enya's music was the genesis of the genre of "New Age" music, and since her first release, I have waited in expectation for each new CD. Enya is the most powerful and poignant of all the New Age artists; her music is the pinnacle of the genre, and her music leads us into new and exciting areas with each subsequent release. I know that Amarantine will be another masterpiece that gives us a glimpse into the wonderful mixing of sound and life, a work filled with joy and her ever-present sense of wonder. I look forward to her future releases!
  • The Breath of The Dawn

    By JMPrater
    While 'The Comb of the Winds' and 'The Spaghetti Western Theme from the Celts' aren't exactly tracks to write home about, Enya continues to mine territory singular to herself. Formally Eithne Ni Bhraonain [Gaelic spelling], Enya proves that time is a testament to her unmatched talent and genius for melody, arrangement, and ethearal blend of sounds that only Heaven itself has heard. The title track off this EP single, 'Amarantine' has the plucking of pizzicato strings which echoes Enya's 2001 global hit phenomenon, 'Only Time.' Amarantine continues Enya's musical journey through time and space, mystery and emotion. Enya brings from the studio what few other musicians can muster, "Hope and Destination." J.M. Prater
  • This is New?

    By Min
    I love Enya. These tracks are pretty good, save for the Spaghetti Western one. But seriously, can anyone tell the difference between her cds?
  • Enya is back!

    By jdwin7443
    I always get excited when a new Enya release comes out. I will admit that Comb of the Winds is nothing really new. Basically it sounds like a track from ADWR, but I could never dislike a song by Enya, well maybe one, Marble Halls. It's nice to have SWTFTC finally available. I so wish that a complete set of all the music from the Celts would be released. I realize that a lot of those unreleased songs are demos but it would still be nice to have them aside from just being on the DVD. All in all, I can hardly wait this whole week for the album to come out. Oh, and Amarantine is lovely! I do wish that she would branch out a bit into electronica. I know that we have the remix of Only Time, but something besides a remix would be nice, but that's just me.