Confessions On a Dance Floor (Non-Stop Mix) [Deluxe Version] - Madonna

Confessions On a Dance Floor (Non-Stop Mix) [Deluxe Version]


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2005-11-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • ℗ 2005 Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world o


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  • booooo

    By JNVrock66
    Worst album I ever brought, and i have over hundreds of albums.
  • Tho thumbs up, This is.....AWESOME

    By IlOvEmAdOnNa
    I love all her music, but this is her masterpiece! I love the songs like "Let It Will Be" and of course, "Hung Up" I hope she will do another cd, I'm very anxious for the next album. She is incredible..
  • AMAZING!!!

    By MusicAppreciators90210
    This album is great. The best by far Madonna has recorded. I love the 70's disco vibe from it and all the songs are great. You can't help dancing to this album. I love the flashback feel and the Queen herself. This is in short how I describe the best album ever put out in stores. Congratulations Madonna on the Grammy for this album! Your hard work deserved it!!!
  • confessions on a dance floor

    By Mecrazee
    absolutely a smash hit to 3 genereations of listeners....will anything ever stop this marketing genius and can the next confession be better than this.....
  • A Great Return to Her Roots

    By Bohemiancaliboi
    Dance music and Madonna are synonomous. This is an excellent album to work out to!
  • uhhhhhhhhhi... is retarted!!

    By zp7493
    Ok, I have been looking at there reviews, and most of them are pretty hateful. She needs to shut up and say "whoever likes this or that is weird" that's her opinion and she needs to shut the heck up. And also that little "screw the 80's thing", she can go screw her music!

    By keentunes
    It sounds continous, and that's the whole idea. NON-STOP! She is like Prince. A jewel that never grows old and keeps on spewing splendid works of art. Her performance in the Grammy's even further impressed me. Can't wait to see her on tour this summer!
  • I have to confess ......

    By decemberman
    Ok don't get me wrong, I love this album. I bought it the day it came out and kept playing it in my car for nearly a month and a half. So when I see in the iTunes store that there is a non stop mix of the whole album, well, hell yeah I want it!! Unfortunately I have to confess that if I could have heard more of it sooner I would not have bought it. Aside from a few transition beats between the songs its basically the same album. I guess I paid an extra $3.00 for the video ( which I've always loved anyway!) This version is great for those who didn't buy the album when it first came out. It's really not that different from the original. I still love Mrs. Richie and look forward to dancing my butt off to her songs but this unfortunately was not a good move for me.
  • Fantastic!!!

    By Miguel_A_Gonzalez
    OUTSTANDING!!! Madonna has created yet again another fantastic collection of songs that expresses her journey through this wonderful life! Her expression of her inner light cascades in the rhythmic and mesmorizing melodies which keep you wanting more. Bravo to Madonna! Long Live the Queen!
  • Dance album of the year!

    By JDZSseattle
    I am addicted! While I have always been a fan of Madonna's, some of her recent work left me wanting. Not "confessions" though - every song is unique, dancable, has great lyrics, and the album is really a work of listening art. Well done, Madonna! We want more, We want more!

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