Amarantine - Enya



  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2005-11-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2005 Warner Music UK Ltd


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  • Wonderful as usual -

    By CLReit
    I love Enya and her work - I am however a little disappointed that I can not get May it be as a song - instead of a video. :-(
  • New album

    By Vivian of the Shadows
    This album is great! But, she has a newer album out called Sumerigusa. Why isn't it on iTunes? Can you please get it on?
  • i love your music enya

    By joe from ryder
  • great album

    By mfourier
    my father has this album and i love listening to it because it soothes he soul.
  • The River Sings

    By woodmobius
    I'm amazed that iTunes crew doesn't have The River Sings in its Top 12 Enya, or the next 12, or the next. On my iTunes playcount, it's got 143,= (twice the next highest) which is pretty much just the last 10 months. 20 of my top 40 most-listened-to songs are Enya. Other than that, I can't add much to what people are saying. I generally listen to 20 or so Enya songs every day, and I have pretty much every one of her songs. *Purchased* - not just downloaded.
  • Amarantine

    By aardpiggy
    I really enjoy this album! It's just like the Enya I remember, only the songs are new and fresh! I love all the lyrics, and the music is as good if not better than her first albums! Highly recommended if you enjoyed Enya in the past!
  • Beautiful Voice...Unoriginal Album

    By Patrickster
    Although I did enjoy some of the songs on this album, Enya seems to be a bit repetitious and unoriginal at times sounding like the same song repeating itself over and over or as if she borrowed melodies form her old albums and rewrote the lyrics to try and create new ones. There is no argument from me that her voice is pure and enchanting and when she sings a song she definitely makes it her own, but I am rather disappointed in this latest offering for not bringing to it something more fresh and new.
  • Enya's latest; but, not greatest, in my opinion.

    By Kat & Amy
    I had looked forward to this particular album to come out for a lengthy five years. Needless to say, I was very excited to finally receive it as a gift for Christmas. Perhaps, this is why, initially, I was a little disappointed in Enya's latest album which has taken her farther from her Celtic/New Age roots and brought her into the world of "Fashionable Pop." I am, as the official reviewer would classify me, a Watermark purist. That said, I soon grew to love this album after listening to it for a while. Looking deeper, the music is undeniably Enya; just, in a more subtle manner. She no longer relies on the captivating ethereality that has left so many enthralled in her past work -- instead, she shows that her voice is as beautiful and powerful as any could possibly hope for. In particular, songs like Amarantine, It's In the Rain, and Someone Said Goodbye are, well, catchy; but, they defy the classification of mundane pop or even power pop, allowing me to coin the phrase "Fashionable Pop" to describe her unique sound. A Moment Lost and If I Could Be Where You Are are both tunes that would not be too out of place on her previous album Sheperd Moons and Water Shows the Hidden Heart sounds like the long-lost remaining track to A Day Without Rain. Upon further reflection and consideration, I would give this wonderful album a five star rating; however, I would urge you to consider buying Watermark or A Day Without Rain before you buy this album -- I feel those two are better, personally.
  • en¥a

    By zazazazaz
    these songs are very peaceful and are also good.
  • very pleasant addition

    By shy singer
    enya's has racked up a collection of some of the worlds most wondeful songs. This is just another gem of hers. ENJOY!