Full Time Magic - Nate Bargatze

Full Time Magic

Nate Bargatze

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2015-05-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • ℗ 2015 - Comedy Central Records


Title Artist Time
I've Got to Go Name My Chapter Nate Bargatze 2:40 USD 1.29
For My Special. Nate Bargatze 3:01 USD 1.29
Comedy Central Special. Nate Bargatze 8:05 USD 1.29
You Were There. Nate Bargatze 2:14 USD 1.29
What Do You Mean You Don't Rem Nate Bargatze 3:47 USD 1.29
It Was In New York City. Nate Bargatze 1:28 USD 1.29
We Flew On a Plane to Get Ther Nate Bargatze 1:13 USD 1.29
Yes. Real High on the Plane. Nate Bargatze 2:48 USD 1.29
Then You Went Sightseeing in N Nate Bargatze 5:05 USD 1.29
You're Hungry Now. Nate Bargatze 2:31 USD 1.29
You Just Ate. Nate Bargatze 2:23 USD 1.29
No M&Ms. Nate Bargatze 1:12 USD 1.29
Two M&Ms. Nate Bargatze 5:21 USD 1.29
Here Take the Bag. Nate Bargatze 2:19 USD 1.29
I Know Mommy's Funny. Nate Bargatze 1:51 USD 1.29
Now Let Daddy Work. Nate Bargatze 2:23 USD 1.29
I Love You Too Harper. Nate Bargatze 5:57 USD 1.29
I Know These Last Jokes Were O Nate Bargatze 3:12 USD 1.29
And Yes I Should Write More. I Nate Bargatze 3:46 USD 1.29


  • Really Funny

    By Tigertimmy111112
    One of the best comedy albums I’ve ever heard
  • Extremely clever!

    By DSM14
    Great pick for fans of Gaffigan, Birbiglia, Seinfeld or Mullaney. Very funny, self-deprecating humor.
  • Truly Hilarious, Smart, Clean Comedy

    By tessyou
    Despite his vociferous denial to the countrary, Nate Bargatze is a brilliant storyteller. It is so refreshing to listen to a comedian skillfull enough to take everyday material and make it hilarious rather than relying on the "shock" factor on which so many stand-up comedians rely. Definitely a fan!
  • To funny and relatable

    By L.R.V. 206
    This is a great stand up. Clever. Down to earth. Laid back comic
  • Best new comedian out there!!.

    By Keith Aaron
    Bargatze is def a comedian to look out for. One of my favorite things about him is his honesty. His comedy isn’t filled with tricks or gimmicks to get a laugh. He just talks about experiences that anyone can relate to. Also, from the south, definitely a bonus. He’s also fun to talk to on twitter!!
  • Im returning to college funnier

    By StevenG713
    Yo Nate Bargatze is funny! Been watching a couple of stand up comedians online and his jokes are relatable lol Im going to go back to college and start cracking jokes after watching full time magic.
  • Full Time Magic is hilarious!

    By Jen Hagerty
    I just discovered Nate Bargatze when Comedy Central aired his new special "Full Time Magic", and I was literally laughing out loud alone in my apartment, so I decided I had to tell everyone about how funny this guy is. He does this one bit about how if he were sent back in time, it wouldn't be helpful to anyone in the past because he doesn't know how anything in the future works, they probably wouldn't even believe him if he said he was from the future, that's how little he knows, it made me laugh so hard! I suggest that everyone checks out this show!
  • Nate is Great!!

    By Lightbulbfolyfe
    I have never laughed so hard in my life. Bargatze's humor is so relatable and everyone can find something to laugh at. If you like a good, clean comedian who can poke fun at themselves, Nate's your guy.
  • Full Time Laughter!

    By SloanePardue
    If you are new or old to the comedy scene, you'll love Nate's refreshing performance. Consistent laughter is what you'll get for two hours during Full Time Magic. I am so excited to share this with all my friends because Nate is something special. Thanks for the laughs!
  • Magically Hilarious

    By KelseyMynsberge
    I absolutely loved this show. I had no idea who he was just started seeing clips online decided to check out the full thing. Best decision I've made. It is unbelievably hilarious. His awkward and calm demeanor make his jokes so much funnier. He's not over the top and trying to hard he's a genuinely funny guy which is hard to find. I've been showing clips to all my friends and they love this show as much as I do!

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