Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2015-08-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:55

Music Video


  • Wildest Dreams

    By Panda0192
    I love love love this song! One of the best on the album! And now a spectacular music video… Wow. Just wow. I LOVE IT!!! UPDATE: I have now come to appreciate this music video more because of its references to old Hollywood and some of my favorite stars (the director said it was like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, which is exactly what I thought). It really has some beautiful scenery. The video is better than the song.
  • Best = T Swift!

    By Thedragon99w
    PERFECT IT IS AMAZING the vieo really captures what the song is well Singing!
  • mabe

    By slushie1234567876567
    this a good song but the video is weird
  • Pretty good

    By Ella Bella Bella
    Don't get me wrong I love Taylor Swift And I thought the video was actually pretty good but seriously what's with the wig it was so unnecessary now where in the song get a say oh PS I have black hair she could've just kept it the way it actually is I need seriously there's nothing wrong with blond hair😕!!!
  • Wildest Dreams

    By DylPickleButt
    Awesome! I just have one question. Why is her hair brown?

    By I don't hate unlike others

    By 135676435632addy
  • Way to go Taylor!!! 😁

    By Peace Maker 1969
    I love the song and the video! I also appreciate that Taylor is using this song to raise money to help African wildlife... I can not wait to see what other songs Taylor will have in store for the future. 🤗
  • Amazing video one of her bests

    By Taylor swift does it again
    I loved all the people in the video. :)
  • thoroughly enjoyed the video

    By mcr1975
    The video tells a simple story that’s along the same lines as other recent Taylor lyrics. Girl meets boy. Girl gets seduced and makes poor decisions and hurt. The majority takes place during a film production in pre-WW2 Africa. The male lead seduces and torments Taylor who plays the female love interest in the movie. It doesn’t end in her favor and is most apparent at the end during the film’s premier in what looks like NYC. As for the comments from the people giving it 1 star ratings suggesting that Taylor's a terrible person for not including local black people or having them take a visible role, that’s total nonsense. There are basically only 4 real parts… those of the director, male lead, female played by Taylor and the male lead’s significant other (seen at the end.) That is neither racist nor racially insensitive. Listen, the fact that the video doesn’t focus on the political negatives of that time in Africa or the United States is hardly Taylor or her management or the video’s director being racially insensitive. She has always targeted the beautiful and there is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy her art for what it is. A gentle break from reality and, in this case, it was shot in a beautiful and exotic location.

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