This Is What You Came For (feat. Rihanna)

Calvin Harris

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2016-06-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:59

Music Video


  • They&we all sound like Britney

    By Cruise W Slidell
    WoW, Britney see what u started It is Britney Galore.
  • GODSGIFTTOMEN @Rihanna ?

    By AceOfSpades84
    i wish i just get to hang out with you, to see, if what i see in video, is really what i see in you, on a #XGirlfriend #multiple #notsexual #justGirlsthatareFriends #APR @rickmanandrew
  • Good

    By Ataul Arman
  • Princess RiRi

    By Badmarco29
    Anything with Princess RiRi... Is Great!! LUV The Vid
  • Fantastic song, and interesting spin on a minimalist video

    By Alan Tegel
    What is interesting about this video is that it attempts to be minimalistic and not overtly sexual, but still can catch a guys eye. The song is downright fantastic ... and Rihanna did a pretty good job working it. As a guy ... she did have me mesmerized ... as for others it might not hit home as it is pretty simplistic. The key is how good is your imagination .... those that have good imaginations can fill in the blanks pretty well.
  • Love Rihanna

    By Slackerroo52
    I love the video and the song because the song is easy to sing along with, has awesome sound and Rihanna is great in everything and the light show is amazing.
  • Look at it differently

    By No lyrics what a
    I think if you watch the entire video it makes sence...not just the preview, which I would agree is bad. The video shows a different viewpoint of a live performance and a natural organic environment which I found interesting. Buy the video...then comment.
  • Rihanna Navy

    By Twitter Lover ✌️
    I actually really love the video. It's not over top or anything, and the main focus is Rihanna and song. The song is amazing, hands down. Only thing I would change is the body suit thing she's wearing, I honestly like t it but I think it's a little too baggy, like 2 sizes smaller and I think it's fine.
  • Had no idea it was Rihanna

    By Nicolerick1
    Would hear this song all the time in H&M had no idea it was Rihanna doesn't even sound like her.
  • pthpbt

    By thethruthster

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