Dance, Dance

Fall Out Boy

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:37

Music Video


  • !!!!

    By afycsodoab
    fall out boy is great
  • Dance Dance thus far was their best video

    By 16 HORSES
    So Patrick Stump happy birthday to you! Fallout Boy seems to be like a rock and roll accident! Stump has a voice that is difficult to explain! I'll say goofy yet melodic! And the video was endearingly Silly!
  • Alright, I like where this is going...

    By PaigeHebert1996
    I would totally dance with Patrick if I was one of those girls... ;)
  • Yeah...

    By Gxfhdgfjhdthsgdhdf
    I gave this 4 stars cause it's a good video, but it IS still sort of random… but surprisingly, IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. But yeah. It's a good song/video
  • Classic Fall Out Boy

    By Prettyoddfever
    I feel like this is one of Fall Out Boy's classics. If you are just getting into the band, this is one of the first songs you should listen to. The music video is adorable because the bandmates are dressed up as "nerds." You might also recognize a couple people in the video...(hint hint a girl in 30 rock an Travis McCoy)
  • good video

    By ????????123
    this video is awesome...and can i just say these guys are rocking the tuxedos
  • Who won't Dance to Dance, Dance?

    By PoisonxxxKiss
    Very, very upbeat. I'm not a big dancer but you'll never notice that when this song comes on. I think there's nobody who possible can't dance to this song. (Only FOB haters.) HeHe. To be honest? I didn't like this song at first. The vid. changed my mind. I love this part: I'm two quarters and a heart down, And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds, These words are all I have so I write them, I need them just to get by...
  • I say go ahead and Dance, Dance

    By Twisted Xyster
    Not only is it a good song but,I really liked this video. I generally like Fall out boy and thier videos but this is one of my favorites. They don't really play a good clip of it for the preview though. I like that the guys are all dorky dudes at a school dance, but they're also up on the stage. Poor Patrick, and Pete can dance. It's definetly worth it, get it.
  • i love the dance,dance music video!

    By mh96s
    if i could i would give this music video 1,000 stars! i saw it on youtube,it rocks! this music video is so worth the money,i-tunes makes you pay for it.fall out boy rocks! buy,fall out boy videos and you will dancing all night long.
  • Poor resolution

    By John&Missy
    The video is excellent, but the resolution is very poor. All the other FOB videos I've dl'ed looked great, but this is very blocky. Waste of money as the ones on YouTube look better.

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