Suck My Kiss

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 1992-05-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:38

Music Video


  • Looks good

    By monkeyboy1235+
    Looks good
  • Great Video

    By Renzzzzz320
    Good studio video. It's funny to watch their early ninties and late eighties music videos and see how different they look. By the way iTunes please get the soul to squeeze music video. Click yes if you agree.
  • They Rock another song

    By Yung Rypie
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock!!!!
  • Awesome song and video!!!!

    By B-G-Z
    There is NO ONE like the Red Hot CHili Peppers!!! Flea...DUDE HE'S THE BEST BASS PLAYER IN EXISTANCE!!!!
  • Cool Idea

    By ?/>.
    Great song, plus good idea of a music video, showing the haunted mansion in Cali where they recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magik at. -yea, Rick Rubens the MAN!
  • Another little review

    By Rrrrrrrrico Suave
    This song, is completely and totally mindblowing. For some reason, it's simple progression is one of the catchiest lines ever written, and really goes back the RHCP's roots in rap. The video too, is really cool. Everything about it is cool, from Flea's shirt tied around his head to the guy with the huge beard in the studio to the solo. I wish everyone would quit saying that they could do better or be more creative and all that. If anyone's noticed, you rarely ever see a nice little video like this, that doesn't have tons of makeup and tons of effects and unnecessary others. Videos like this and "My Friends" just make you want to keep watching, for a reason you don't know. So PLEASE don't say studio videos are bad.
  • el stinkio video,el coolio song.

    By Sgt. P
    what?higher ground song stinkes so bad.but this song is better than higher ground.everbody knows that.
  • it is explicit

    By sunny fishkin
    to ryan v: its only censored in the preview, i bought it and all the dirty words are still quite audible as for the video, its good, its just a simple one of them in studio. the angles and different color scenes are fun to watch. nothing out of the ordinary, but still entertaining
  • this video

    By sugar magnolia11
    this video is like the my friends video, its ok but RHCP coulda done something cooler
  • Tight

    By Bass Player62
    dude i love this song and it has a cool vid but best of all Fleas Bass playin

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