Mother's Daughter

Miley Cyrus

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-07-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:40

Music Video


  • Haha

    By veronicajamesxxx
    I’m enjoying seeing how many people are offended by this video. Clearly missing the point. Miley is wacky and often corny but she is undeniably talented and has her heart in the right place. And she is oh so good at ruffling people’s feathers. Stay mad.

    By PepeFace2002
    Just gross...your just trying to copy Cardi B’s “Money” Music Video when this girl breastfeeds her dumb baby.
  • Ok....

    By 😘😚😝🤨🦛🐪🦏
    🖤 the song 🤬 the video. Simple
  • Visually pleasing

    By arcadek3lly
    I love what they were going for in this music video. People on the internet obviously can’t handle it because they were taught the opposite. I say Hallelujah
  • Love it!

    By CareBear0606
    Miley never disappoints with all her different styles. Very empowering, very Miley! 🌸🌸💯💯
  • Scary

    By Risa583
    And disturbing
  • Well..

    By caz421
    I heard the song and didn’t think it was to bad but then I saw the music video and was just like... yeah. No. Moving on.
  • Scary

    By potatofan001
    No no no why?
  • Just... wow 🤯

    By Locke.$myth
    It is super creepy and fwreaky and empowering and strong. New theme song to add to my collection. It might not be for everybody but it feels like it’s for me and I can’t describe how good it feels to be invited to this specific party. It’s priceless to me and I sincerely thank Miley for making me feel seen and included and represented. All the feels.
  • Yikes what a disturbing disaster

    By Jam33223322
    Ok that just happened. Eghhhhhhh

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