Life Goes On


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-11-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:41

Music Video


  • Chillest Song

    By rissaa007
    This is such a chill, relaxing song and the guys did amazing with the video. Another epic one brought to you buy an epic group of guys.
  • Great song

    By Oscar Vizcardo
    this song is stuck in my head and i love it
  • Hope

    By AnneMBBB
    A hopeful song for a hurting world.
  • Love this song

    By Livetoswim
    It’s amazing bts deserves this
  • How do u people think they R cute

    By f go nbd C b
    Ewww they even sound wierd
  • Hmm...ok

    By TocaBlest
    I am not a huge fan of BTS but I guess that their new song ‘Life Goes On’ does relate to the pandemic so that totally makes sense.
  • love it

    By <3Nathan
    director jk!! so proud of him the video is amazing :)
  • this video cited my pandemic depression

    By dalila solano
    i love you guys 🥺💜
  • Beautifully Done

    By starrysunflowers
    BTS never fails to disappoint! My sister and I impatiently waited for this video and watched it on repeat the second it went live! I notice and appreciate the small details they put in, and how heartfelt both the lyrics and video is in relation to the pandemic, and 2020 as a whole. Jungkook did a great job stepping into the role of director, and I appreciate his artistic eye!
  • In a year when we could use the reminder, Life Goes On

    By Amor_Vincet_Omnia
    “ One day, the world stopped without any forewarning...” So many of us have experienced our own small parts of the world, and the world at large, grinding to a halt without warning this year. Many of us turned to projects to distract ourselves during quarantine; we joined across the world in #stressbaking and tried our hands at sourdough breads, cookies, cakes, and more. We turned to crafting projects; painting, knitting, and home improvements. When the walls started to close in we took to the outdoors for a breathe of fresh air and new perspective. “ It’s still not stopping. I run faster than those dark clouds, thought that’d make it alright. But, it turns out I’m just a mere human. It hurts so bad “ We began to doubt if normal would ever return. “ There’s no end in sight” We stopped focusing on the big picture, shifting our focus to the moments in front of us as we carried on the best we could. Yet, we consoled ourselves with the hope of the future. “ Close your eyes for a moment. Hold my hand here. Let’s run away to the future “ “ let’s thread today and tomorrow together again Although everything is paused, don’t hide in the dark because the light will shine again “ This is the message BTS has sent in Life Goes On, the title track of their album “BE”, that though we may not see it in the moment, life goes on and we will make it through. It won’t come with the same grand entrance that brought our world to a stop, but the day will come “Like an echo in the forest “