Nobody Knows Me (Live)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-06-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:36

Music Video



    By Chesko_R
    THE BEST TOUR EVER!!!! itunes can you put "Vogue" or other songs from this tour??? Please!!!!
  • **** THE QUEEN OF POP **** M A D O N N A

    By Marsan-O
    THANK YOU == ITUNES === I Love this video But ...Where's the other { DIE ANOTHER DAY } { HOLLYWOOD } {HUMAN NATURE } { FEVER } { MOTHER AND FATHER - Live } { INTO THE GROOVE } { DROWNED WORLD } { WHO'S THAT GIRL } ...
  • Madonna is a force of nature!

    By read4what
    This was one of the many highlights of her OUTSTANDING reinvemtion tour...pure performance genious....her concerts set the standards for others ..... political, spriritual, controversial and sometimes dark and introspective like the drowned world tour but above all else they are FUN and this a classic example!
  • Amazing!

    By anemonite
    this video is part of the "Am going to tell you a secret" album and its just amazing its a must have video for Madonna fans! Buy it now you wont regret it! itunes please try and get the other videos such as vogue (live)
  • OMG...The Best Video!!!!!!!

    By JeffreyAlan21online
    This is one of my favorite videos of Madonna, I love them all though, ofcourse.
  • Madonna True Queen of Pop

    By Alazim99
    After Mariah continues to get her musically politically motivated number #1s by those would be Madonna haters, Madonna conitnues to rule the world with her image, sound, and progessive changes in her career. She is the true innovator who opened the door for many female artists to 'Express Your self', Continues to make out standing music vidoes, takes risks, and her growth as an artist is unmatched by any other female artisit in music history. When all is said and done it will be Madonna who be remembered in the Music History's Lexicon as the Definitive Queen of Pop Music and she will have left her mark deep in the music industry. Madonna's New CD Hard Candy is sweet and down right fun, and if anyone knows Madonna she will spin great dance club mixes and will continue to dominate the charts...Madonna is the best Music has to offer ....No Body Knows Me video is a great video and the lyrics are filled with rich social issues, great job Miss M.
  • # 1Quality Artist

    By JL6er
    Madonna can put on a show. There is no question about it. The performance showcases how great she is as a performer. She can move her body like nobody else, and is always a great joy to watch. She belongs on stage!
  • Great Vid.

    By MissTicki
    This was an awesome show. Mind you I missed the first 2 songs she performed due to my own stupidity. But anywho when are you going to release the bedtime story live video. She's was in all white... and looked amazing!! I want that one!!!
  • Best performance from Re-Invention!

    By thejesteban
    But why is this the only song available for download? There are other great performances from Re-Invention Tour that should be here on iTunes, especially with the CD/DVD album selling for over $30 on Amazon.
  • We deserve better than lip-synching and CGI

    By Robert S in Chicago
    I am all for stylistic tricks to enhance a song or video, but an obvious lip-synch and synthesized voice job during a concert is a fraud. Were it not for the rapid edits, jump cuts and silly CGI type effects, you would see it all too well. I love Madonna. I adore most of her music. But this over produced segment from the Reinvention Tour concert is chaotic to watch and hides the true concert experience that made Madonna’s previous concert recordings so much fun to watch.

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