Bucky Done Gun


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2005-06-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:44

Music Video


  • Pretty Cool

    By coxfamily
    i like her music and its really fun to dance and workout to. Just give it a chance.
  • Well this is

    By VAToTheFullest
  • Amazing

    By Gracenote101
    Luv the song and video..the beat is very nice.. But y does she alwayze have Africans in her videos? Lol isn't she from London?
  • Amazing!!!

    By kmbright1993
    Best M.I.A. song AND music video!!! The people who hate her are probably the ones who love Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber- the artists who TRULY have NO talent!
  • Grows On You

    By ultimatecritic101
    Ok, so maybe M.I.A. is a little eccentric, and maybe the song and video are kind of weird, but it kind of grows on you. The first time I saw this vid and listend to the song, i didnt get it and i thought it was lame...but its really started to get catchy and M.I.A. looks good... give it a second chance if u didn't like it at first!
  • offended

    By MetallicAcrassicauda
    black people banging on drums...way to be stereotypical you dumb girl
  • Read this before you hate on the video!!!!!

    By DaianaBanana
    at first i didnt like MIA or this song very much, but after watching this video i was like "...oh..SNAP!" I still am not a big fan of the music, but the video rocked. I'm an art major so i thought the video was amazing and very very artsy. MIA was an art major too so maybe thats why...but yeah, if you dont appreciate it, its just because youre not trained in the arts. Dont hate, APPRECIATE!
  • cant believe its called music

    By daddybubba2
    send this crazy sand wedge back to where she came frome , the music has no reson for being aloud to exist
  • shes amazing

    By bubblepopelictric
    seriously perfect music so different and so fun! makes you feel like you just drank 20 red bulls!

    By Sacmaster69
    INSANE...INTENSE..INCREDIBLE...coolest video ever...Indian chicks are awesome....I LOVE CURRY