Mr. Brightside

The Killers

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:47

Music Video


  • Why are there two?

    By ovaltine_jenkins
    Why are there two videos for this and they're exactly the same? Oh, and for those people who are saying that The Killers copied Panic! At The Disco's But It's Better if You Do video - The Killers came before PATD and in interviews it has been established that they (PATD) look up to and are inspired by The Killers, so, if there is any copying at all, it's probably the other way around.
  • Before purchasing, I have a question...

    By TrotMania/Trot 100 Guy
    The preview for both of the music videos shows a glitch of static. Is this actually in the file? Either way, the video and song are awesome, and I will purchase if the video is without this flaw.
  • Best song ever!!!!!

    By Bon326784
    This song I amazing and my favorite song not only by the killers, but it's my favorite song ever!!!!! He's sooo hott too! I don't really like the eyeliner on guys but he can deffinately pull it off! Too bad he's married with kids :(
  • Awesommeee!!!

    By Chino:D!!
    Dude this song is like hella boss!!! Dude this is my favorite song and video!!
  • Best songggg everrrrrrr

    By Jaclyn Kolkhorst
    This is an amazing song and music video... Remember when all music was good and not crap!?
  • Great Video!

    By Tiddis
    Killers are just awesome, one of my favorite Killers songs. "When you were young" is my favorite though,
  • What Can I say? He knows how to wear eyeliner...

    By kathrynisawesome
    this video is amazing. I love the killers and frankly, this is their best song yet. I love most everything about the song and the video made it personified. a definite for purchasing.
  • Truely Amazing[:

    By JusticeSymone
    I absolutley LoVe this song!! The video is kind of strange, but I love it!! The killers are amazing...[: -He.Rox.My.Sox.[: <3Will
  • love...

    By earbudaddicted7
    It's such a great song- don't like the lyrics, but couldn't keep mysoelf from loving it anyway.
  • :-):-]

    By BobbytheBeast
    This song is so good I love it so much my lil brothers and my my mom are singing this song and askin to watch the video on my iPod great song 10,000 stars :-)

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