Hero / Heroine

Boys Like Girls

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:49

Music Video


  • Meh

    By helloooo!
    I like the other video better. But Paul should deffidently still be doin his hair like that. It's wicked cute :)
  • <3BoysLikeGirls<3

    By killslay
    I love this music video! It seriously rocks! Its kinda cute with what happens in it.... still love it! LOL Buy this music vid.! You won't regret it :) Seriously. Buy it.... NOW. You'll especially love it if you like/ love the song <3 Boys Like Girls is a seriously amazing band.
  • LOVE it, but the Tom Lord-Alge mix is better

    By .......111122
    Ok, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE BLG and this song more than words can describe, but this video was just ok for me. I don't like how Martin is like barely in it and the main character is just this random dude. But then I saw the new version of this video, (the Tom Lord-Alge mix), and its the absolute BEST music video EVER!!! But this version is still REALLY cool and BLG will always be the BEST band EVER!!! So buy this video AND the newer version of it RIGHT NOW!!! =D <3 =D <3
  • BLG!!!!!!

    By Tennis11
    Wow they look sooooo different now!!! Martin looks soooo yound and paul's hair is crazy!!! Fabulous video!! BLG <3
  • uhh...

    By SwallowTunes
    i love this song. it's also my favorite song. its tied with heels over head.
  • Girls like Boys like Girls

    By grazfam
    I met Martin and that one other guitar guy (lol) the other day! They were A-MAZING and lots of fun. check this out!
  • Ohmygoshh

    By Emilie Simonini
    start off with the good, pauls hair makes me laughh in this video. haha but.. im gona have to say i like the other hero/heroine video muchh better. Im glad they made two because this one dosent really compare to the other.
  • =)

    By amanduhh =]
    lovve this video but i like the other hero/heroine video better but this video still is awesome
  • Raaaandommmm

    By AndyPatt
    This has got to be one of the most RANDOM videos almost ever. I mean, it is obviously still an amazing song, but really! Waitress, robbery, a firing. This is so weird. And yet, there is still some relevance....
  • So ah-mazing!!!!!

    By LemurLover!(:
    I love this music video its awesome and is worth buying! Boys Like Girls are an ah-mazing band! This video is ah-mazing and has a great storyline. You should definitley buy this video, once again this video is ah-mazing! I Luv BLG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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