Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America

Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-12-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:28

Music Video


  • Awww

    By CammieLuvPrinceton
    I loved this before I even knew that was Princeton!!
  • I gotta know...

    By Cameron Weir
    Does anybody else find it funny how many people get pissy because a modern day band decides to do a cover of older songs? I was reading the comments and there are a lot of people that have their panties in a bunch because of this cover. Seriously people?! Honestly, I like it when bands do cover songs, because not only does it offer a fresh take on the song, but it also makes me WANT to hear the original. It's really an honor when a band chooses to do a cover. Obviously, it shows that they looked up to and admired that band, otherwise they wouldn't have done the cover in the first place.
  • Awesome Video

    By Bhaskarrao009
    This video is really cool and enjoyable:)
  • Nice MV !!! :)

    By Ms8a1
    Still to this day this song is great!! i love Gym Class Heroes.!
  • Princeton from Mindless Behavior( Cupid Boy)

    By ChinaRain13
    I remember this video and this song.. I've always wanted to know who the boy was.I heard of mindless behavior and found out my fave( Princeton) is Cupid boy. He was gettttinnnn ittt I'm the beginning. He should do that more on the scream tour;)... Do ur thang baby. Lol jk
  • Awww(:

    By xDiN0x
    This is Princeton from mindless behavior<3
  • I cant belive that no one has said

    By wibblywobblytimeywimey.25
  • Jacob Perez( Princeton)!

    By Kykylynette
    The only reason I got this video is because of Princeton from mindless behavior. As soon as I saw him I got this video. This was good but Katy perry was in it so that made it better. I dont know about the rest of the video but it wasn't half bad. Jacob was in most of the video so I gave it 4 stars. Love MB especially Princeton(Jacob). 143 ;)
  • Omg I just realized.....

    By deejay613
    That Cupid is really Princeton from mindless behavior they gotta song on iTunes but that really looks like him alot n the song is great
  • Look

    By Jack10005
    I love this song it is so cool and nice