Blinded By the Light

Michael Mind featuring Manfred Mann's Earth Band

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2007-04-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:45

Music Video


  • Great song

    By MuzzacLover
    Great song...crappy video. The video cheapens such an awesome song.
  • people are giving it one star ...i be the 5 stars person

    By empty braincase
    soo it will look like every other review on itunes ...half and half ...screw reviews

    By Attyharu
    Very nasty and crude. No idea what they were thinking when they shot this piece of trash, it ruined the song for me.
  • Want Just The Song on iTunes???

    By sweetstevie
    Search "Blinded By The Light, scroll down.... it's there $.99 Awesome Song!!! Equally Poor Judgement Video!!!
  • EWWW

    By Hellow Sweetie
    I love the re-mix but the video has got to go, the viewo has nothing to do with the song!!!!
  • Repulsive,Disgusting,Horrible, insert word that means bad here _______

    By Mhudson205 want that kinda CRAP? okay fine whatever go to your dirty video stores.....but you don't put it in a music video for a good song! personally i thought it was the original version of the song....and im not too big of a fan of the remix.....but that music video is worse than anything i've ever seen..... the worst part is...... a five year old could watch that if they wanted to... itunes doesn't rate anything so that kind or Repulsive stuff doesn't get seen by young people. i mean c'mon parents tell me, you want your kid to watch that?
  • ????

    By Katieball
    What was that??? really that was so stupid who would even watch crap like that??? it should be taken off itunes!!
  • terrible

    By Big-E
    idk no who thought of this but is lesbo
  • Hideous Hoochy Horror

    By John Beene
    One of the nastiest things I've seen.
  • Best Music Video Ever

    By dallassux
    Has nothing to do wiht the song but is awsome. some of the people who reviewed this are apparently gay.

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