You Make Me Mad

Third Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:20

Music Video


  • Grung3D

    By Fooph
    I love this video so hurts! Third Day goes grunge...a mixture of Alexakis, Nirvana and Pearl Jam all melded together into one seriously entertaining video!! Only 3D could orchestrate this so well!
  • HaHaHa!

    By Bobert the Unwise
    I forgot the older Third Day stuff, back when all CCM men bleached thier hair!
  • Response to someone40 -

    By Vince Lichok
    @someone40 - I think this song represents the idea that music can bring us to alot of emotions. It has the ability to make us mad, it can make us sad, it can make us smile, it can make us fall (metaphorically), it can make us love. Music is a powerful thing and can open us up to a slew of emotions. And I think this song may be a pseudo warning to Christians about what they listen to and put into their heads because of the effects it can have on us. This is just my humbled opinion of this song. I think the song is powerful, but the music video doesn't really do it justice.
  • what is the point to this song??????

    By someone40
    there really wasn't a point to the song a least from what i saw and heard "you make me mad" what is that supposed to mean??? who makes him mad i don't get it at all and it didn't have anything to with God so how is it a christian song i don't really get this at all??? someone please explaine!!!!
  • Woot woot!!

    By HannahKoober
    Mk, just FYI to all y'all saying you don't like the vid cuz of his hair, there's actaully a story behind that. You see, Mac liked to change things up every once in a while, so the day of the filming, he went and dyed his hair. The gang was all in shock of course, but they (obviously) still filmed the vid. As for the sing, I looooooove it! I actually like the video too. Something different from what they normally do. :)
  • Third Day is amazing...

    By Matrix-Monkey
    I've always thought and said that Third Day was amazing... They themselves have proven me right numerous times. And they've done it yet again with this music video... To Third Day: You guys "Make Me Smile"...
  • different

    i'm usually a fan of third day but this was weird because he didn't sing so well and he looked weird, especially with his hair
  • ?????

    By rswendt
    That was really wierd. not like the usual third day... and what up with His hair??
  • OKKK...?

    By missiongirl92
    This is just wierd. That's all I can say.

    By davidfunkga
    great music video!!!!!!! i am a Huge FAN of third dday LOVE IT