System Of A Down

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:47

Music Video


  • Awesome

    By Jerico2001
    I look like serj!!!!!!!
  • This Got Me Into Soad

    By The VanPinkZeppelinBonJourneyAeroForeignerQueen's Ac/Dc Experience
    First soad vid i saw, got me into soad. Btw, Serj rocks that look
  • I want soad back!!! :(

    By Soad lova
    Awsome song tho
  • Amazing Video!

    By Tabitha:D SoaD
    People, There Is A Toxicity Video, Calm Down. Hypnotize Is One Awesome Video! SoaD Rocks!!!
  • Toxicity!

    By TCS Music Judge
    We Need Toxicity! Now! But this video is still good. itunes please get Toxicity
  • this makes me mad

    By a7xfoREVer2791
    no toxicity. you're kidding . don't be gay. get toxicity
  • iTunes: Two Hypnotize videos, but no Toxicity?

    By ArfBigDawgArf
    Toxicity is the only SOAD video you dont have. You guys must've made a mistake.
  • Great video!

    By JFitts333
    First of all what ide like to say is that this is a good video. Second of all "Apocolipboy" no one gives a CRAP that u can play this song on ur guitar you must be an idiot! itunes is not a place to brag about ur so-called doubtlessly sucky guitar skills. Any way buy this video.
  • get this!

    By Thesupremegod
    they really need to get toxicity
  • FYI

    By thefadedline55
    if u want toxicity so bad (which i did too) all you have to do is go to google video, watch the non youtube version and on the side it says Download to: iPod and u click on that and put it in itunes and it will go on ur ipod!

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