System Of A Down

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:47

Music Video


  • Awesome

    By Jerico2001
    I look like serj!!!!!!!
  • I want soad back!!! :(

    By Soad lova
    Awsome song tho
  • Amazing Video!

    By Tabitha:D SoaD
    People, There Is A Toxicity Video, Calm Down. Hypnotize Is One Awesome Video! SoaD Rocks!!!
  • Toxicity!

    By TCS Music Judge
    We Need Toxicity! Now! But this video is still good. itunes please get Toxicity
  • this makes me mad

    By a7xfoREVer2791
    no toxicity. you're kidding . don't be gay. get toxicity
  • iTunes: Two Hypnotize videos, but no Toxicity?

    By ArfBigDawgArf
    Toxicity is the only SOAD video you dont have. You guys must've made a mistake.
  • Great video!

    By JFitts333
    First of all what ide like to say is that this is a good video. Second of all "Apocolipboy" no one gives a CRAP that u can play this song on ur guitar you must be an idiot! itunes is not a place to brag about ur so-called doubtlessly sucky guitar skills. Any way buy this video.
  • get this!

    By Thesupremegod
    they really need to get toxicity
  • much better

    By standardlivin
    This music video is very cool. the picture is truley awesome also. I am very mad though that i bought the video before itunes improved the picture so i got the crappy looking video instead of the almost HD video.
  • Enough about Toxicity, lets move on

    By WOOOO! I'm ON I TUNES! YEA! Go ME...... YEA! WOOOOO ... MEEEsE.. COW.. DuCk ChicKen WOOF!
    FYI,this song iz abou Tinnemin (IDK if I spelled that right) Square. like in the beginning lyrics, it took place in china when the war started around the 1800's. Its really good and it has meaning, which everyone can seriouly appreciate. My rating: 1. Question! 2. Hypnotize 3.Chop Suey 4.B.Y.O.B. C? im telling u its awesome.

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