Sun Trip

Günther & The Sunshine Girls

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2007-06-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:37

Music Video


  • Makes me feel creeped out

    By Kidzbophater it's crap
    This is so stupid!!! This guy makes me want to hide! What is WRONG with some of you people?!?!?
  • Love the Song

    By Nosillasaurus
    Hey, itunes, can you make this song available for download? I love it, but my ipod won't play videos, so can you please make this and tutti frutti summer love available?
  • A decent song!

    By Ilovecoffeex1212
    To be honest with everyone, I really don't like Gunther. The only reason I like this video is because I like how the Sunshine Girls sing and that is only reason I bought this video. They should have their own band without Gunther. I can actually listen to this song where as I can't get past "my ding ding dong" in his other song.
  • This is the best video of all-time

    By Dr. Derek
    He just gets cooler with every friggin' release. Oddly enough, my name is actually Guenther, and I live on St. Pete Beach, and I have that exact same moustache and spend my life on a nonstop Suntrip...but he does a killer job at kicking it up a number of notches, hehe. And man, are those Sunshine Girls hot or what?! A lot of people make fun of Gunther because his original releases were outrageously serious, but you can tell with this most recent video that he's playing-off the humour he's creating with his image. And kudos to him for that!
  • Oh My.. Wow..

    By Pian0nutt
    Okay well, my friends told me about this guy and told me that he was one of the weirdest, and worst singgers they had ever heard. So I came with an open mind to judge for my self. This song is THE WEIRDEST song on the face of the Earth. First of all "Gunther" seriously needs to get some help if he thinks his "music" is good. And anyone who likes this is very strange. Take my word for it, this is not music, what it is, is a waste of time, and money. DON'T BUY THIS, IF YOU DO, YOUR JUST WASTING YOUR MONEY.
  • Truly a masterpiece.

    By MEREDiTH.
    It's the exact same thing as Teeny Weeny String Bikini, the epic classic.
  • eurotrash genius

    By garrettvz
    thank you gunther.
  • Funny Video

    By Broggini
    This video is hilarious. It reminds me of teeny weeny string bikini at times. I wish the song was availible for download. This is definetly worth $2
  • Can't believe he was a male model

    By Litgen
    I went to see his show in SF where he sang pretty much his entire song repertoire. I remember thinking, "We're laughing at the eurotrash." Gunther is a hyperbole; I would describe him as Sweden's Joe Dirt. But since you hardly hear eurodance anywhere anymore and as long you don't take Gunther that seriously (I doubt he takes himself seriously) the songs are pretty catchy.
  • Amazing!

    By SamuraiBob
    Just when I thought Gunther couldn't get any more ridiculous/awesome, he just did! Give it a buy!

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