Coffee Shop (Featuring Gorilla Zoe)

Yung Joc featuring Gorilla Zoe

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2007-06-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:35

Music Video


  • Jocs review

    By monkey ticler5000
    Its the stupidist video on earth don't buy
  • coffe shop

    By Choila
    you guys are great and me and ny cous love listin keep it up!
  • Funny but yet still good!

    By Warcraft2006
    Loud and soft high and low I am headin to Starbucks!
  • song and video difference

    By metsownu7515
    why are the lyrics to the song and the lyrics to the video different???
  • WOW!!!!!

    By cballa55
    one of the funniest and best videos i've seen
  • First I take the order like a coffee shop

    By WooHoo17
    This is a great 1st single from his album, Hustelementics. Which I am going to buy. This song has a fabulous intro by Gorilla Zoƫ and great everything. Lyrics: [Intro] welcome to Starblocks it's young dirty who sent you? its Young Dirty! oh okay what you need? hey I need some of them thangs, mayn. how many of em two of em, give me two. I got you, pull on around to the window pimp aiight shawty ay ay ay joc what up Patman cuh cuz out here say he need two of them thangs o yea he want two of em? yea, ay joc whatup? you know tha motto! yea hustle by any means n***a! Okay [Verse 1] its just another day at the coffee shop I grab them coffee beans, time to heat them coffee pots turn them lights on, j's rush the parkin lot this the neighborhoods number one stop n shop no regular, we only serve the best for the low low, cheaper than the rest! I'm takin orders, tell me whos next only cash, no credit, no checks when your car stop, welcome to starblocks you wanna triple your knot? invest in our stock n now we doin numbers, like the closeout make sure you shop wit me, before its sold out [Chorus] First I take they order like the coffee shop then I steam it up and cook it like the coffee shop and then I serve it out the window like the coffee shop [yea I'm comin in got my rims sittin real big] and it ain't no returns at the coffee shop man I make that paper stack up at my coffee shop one hit n they'll be back to the coffee shop [yea I'm comin in got my rims sittin real big] [Verse 2] cook it in the morning, sell it durin midday whipped cream the same color as your latte I tell em vamonos, thas rapido, you need some mota? you gon call gorilla zoe you can get the coca if you got tha get-it-green colombian, and I ain't talkin coffee beans 12 to 12 its always someone on the scene starblocks, we get it out by any means coffee shop, trap spot, hand to hand, get my guap pockets still ounce for ounce decafinated off the top rockstar, rollin rocks piano keys, work the block welcome to starblocks, we trap like the coffee shop...let go, see [Chorus] [Verse 3] ah ha okay everybody on the block know my nick name when you drop by just ask for whip game and all my money get counted when the shifts change they get into it, ima let my four fifth bang if you need the number 1-800-starblocks coca latte damned to make ya heart stop and now the haters hot so they run n tell the cops shut this s**t down, we set up shop on another block [Chorus]
  • good

    By gdsgtag
    not degrading women in the song, catchy and fun tune, telling kids not to do drugs, no violence or real bad cursing, no gang supporting crap so its cool
  • Hustle at the expense of infiltrating innocent minds.

    By Consecrated
    When I first heard this song I thought it had a nice beat to it; which is why most people are attracted to specific genres of music. However, as I viewed the video one day on BET, I couldn't help but wonder why he put his head down in shame towards the closing of the video when he stated, "Kids don't do drugs." Further investigation into the lyrics of the song led me to words that sub-consciously promote the use and abuse of drugs. I think that if we as black people are to ever advance we must be willing to leave the streets behind and not further perpetuate such negative thinking into our music nor our lifestyles. I also thought it was low-down for him to use children in the making of this video showing that his agenda, as subtle as it may be, is to hook another generation of children on dope! When are we ever going to wake up and realize that we are killing ourselves? An unfortunate waste of talent!
  • what is this...?

    By bennyhanna1
    It's a mystery that a song like this gets played on the radio, or that they even get produced in the first place. Easily one of the worst songs of the year, combining terrible lyrics with a "funny" video. Absolutely horrible
  • Song is a hit!

    By Incognito104
    Yes, the "coffee shop" is selling a stimulant that is not caffiene. The song is catchy and head poppin', but the message is not a good one. Yound children are so influenced by what they see and hear. This is the first song I liked by Yung Joc and it has a raw beat, but I am sad to know his lyrics reference drug use. Do Not hustle by any means necessary!!