Come As You Are


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2007-07-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:45

Music Video


  • La memoria de Nirvana...

    By ohwellwhatevernevermind
    It was so awesome... that come as you are is great!!! <3 this song (:- Memoria, memoria!!
  • ParisJackson

    By LovettDontyou?
    I love Nirvana, Kurt was the best <3
  • @Mikex

    By alyssabaker97
    Why are you even alive?
  • It's great music

    By Greendayfan6
    @Mikex it's great music your just not listening closely enough. Just so you know a lot of people here are going to be very happy when you die too. Theres no reason to be glad someone is dead because of their music especially when they had as much issues as Kurt so stop being a heartless dick and don't post comments like that.
  • Woah.

    By adamyoungisamazing
    That video is TRIPPY. KURT COBAIN KICKS A**!
  • whoa there Mikex!!!!

    By gabeth22
    dang!!!! WHY SO MUCH HATE TOWARDS COBAIN!?!?!?!?! ur rude and i dont like u so why dont u just F.O.D!!!!! listen to the song F.O.D by green day.... from me 2 u mikex >:)
  • Wow

    By RosesRblue
  • Kurt Cobain was one of a kind

    By greengirl82
    there will never be another musician as talented and original as Kurt Cobain. he spoke to a generation, and he understood and expressed what we all felt and never took it as an ego boost to make himself and Nirvana popular. that makes him a genius and a icon.
  • Nice

    By asphxiatedx
    i love Nirvana their pretty amazing. Just thought i'd write a review since no one has since 2008.
  • UUHHHH...

    By silly girl >o<
    i like it ,but its awkward.... especially when swingin he's on the thingamajigger... so yeah.... oh yeah, can the people writing the reveiws stop using big words my little brain cant understand big words...... x)

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