Ghetto (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Kelly Rowland

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:01

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  • Forget What haters say

    By Black_Aries
    This song slaps.. Kelly has a different kind of sound in this one.. sounds real good. People too technical when it comes to playin music these days..

    By guruuvy
    I don't see people berating Britney Spears for glorifying her roots in her songs, so why should Kelly Rowland be responsible for the entire Black race?!? Come on people, it's just a song. I grew up in an Upper Middle Class neighborhood surrounded by White people, but even I know that like Eric B. and Rakim said "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're AT!" Where someone comes from can inspire them to work harder to achieve more, just as it can keep them down. Just like the words of the last two reviewers can strive to keep others that they see as 'beneath them' down. It's just a song dedicated to those 'faceless' people whom our perfect society has deemed unworthy of love.
  • WOW wats the deal with yall

    By Tcab969
    Come on so what if she made a song about ghetto guys does it matter? Some girls like the men that shower them with gifts some like the ones with HUGE mussels some like the ones just for there money some just like them for them so i guess some girls like the ghetto boys who would kill anybody that dares hurt they girl i dont really see a problem with making a song about ghetto people
  • Tight Video

    By Jacoll2
    This video is tight and if Beyonce did it, ya'll would not be complaining so stop hating.
  • You cant blame this on kelly

    By prettysilly
    Why are you people so offended i think that if you are offended it weird and im saying this fact its just a song and i you dont like listen to something else even though im not a fan of hip hop or R&B at all i perfer pop of alternative because you dont see stereotypes like this and the musics better in my opinion
  • Really People

    By Baten36
    What Gives Any Of You The Right To Sit Here And Judge People Who Are Ghetto You Act Like It Is A Bad Thing!!! This Song Is Great And The Video Is Amazing Much Better Then That Whack Beyounce People Are So In Love With Blah I Loveeeeee You Kelly
  • misunderstood

    By The Reviewist :)
    u know people forget a ghetto is where people of one race or religon live. not neccearly black. during the houlicust living in a ghetto that means all of the jewish people had to live in one rundown neiborhood with each other with no connection with the outside world now of couse different ghettos have a connection with the outside world , but my point is there can be Latino ,Black , German , Asian , Gay , Muselim , and so many other types of ghetto's. but in this song it means black
  • Ghetto?

    By TMTE
    I've read the other reviews and most of them are pretty harsh on Kelly Rowland. Someone asked, "Since when is it cool to write a song about being GHETTO!" Well maybe it's cool to some and maybe it isn't to others. However, whether we like it or not, there are some who are just that....GHETTO! So, while it is offensive to some, it is not offensive to others. Question? Were we just as harsh on Destiny's Child for the creation of the song "Soldier." Doesn't that song pretty much glorify the same thing! Yet, those reviews aren't near as harsh as the reviews for Kelly Rowland's "GHETTO." Be fair in your assessments of Kelly Rowland and this song. If we are willing to snap our fingers to songs like "Soldier" (and I'm not saying all of us are), then we can't really be down on Kelly Rowland for the song "GHETTO" can we? Since we are all entitled to our opinion, l"ll say I like the beat and I think Kelly is very talented. I like her new release a lot - Daylight! Download that one.
  • ghetto is life for some

    if you dont like it dont watch it or listen to it
  • you think that is ghetto?

    By ekothmann
    seriously why do ppl sing like this these day when the ghetto is really NOT where ppl want to be gawd...

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