I Wanna F**k the DJ!

Brittaney Starr

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2007-08-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:51

Music Video


  • She's incredible

    By Livingroom11111
    I love her. She's so talented and sexy
  • Horrible

    By dannydude_11
    This got my dick moving but it was absolutely horrid.
  • Get over yourselves!

    By PinkTink!
    Where she may be "old" as other reviews have stated, I can't see anyone telling her "No" in person. Writing a comment like the others did is easy when not in person! Frankly, I give her credit for feeling sensual, regardless of age - which I am older than her btw, and having the courage to be involved in a production that encourages sensuality and being yourself. I would like to see more music and videos like this. Being true to yourself is so important as long as you don't violate a law. Brittaney, my hats off to you! Although this surely won't win you any prestigious awards, I enjoy your sensuality and beauty.
  • No

    By Brand11
    A little bit past her primeā€¦.
  • Oh my god.

    By Sunshinegirly28
    It made me laugh if anything. hahaha I wonder how this even came to be e.e'
  • Best Ever-Truly Emotive

    By Bxcowboy
    Inspirational words and a video with true cinematic excellence combine to make this a remarkable video offering. A great family* oriented video. *Manson Family
  • O_o

    By Did u just pee marshmallows?
    I think i just spit up my guts.
  • My brain just exploded

    By emosucks5856
    How did this thing get a record deal?!.....just asking.
  • Get down Girl....!!!

    By Be first
    You Rock....!!! Damn Hell yeah.. ! ! !
  • huh?

    By augh!!
    f**k the DJ? where did you think this song was gonna go? the top of the charts?

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