Chain Reaction


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1983-09-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:19

Music Video


  • Steve Perry

    By Yankees622
    He has a great voice and I don't think that anyone can match him. I also love the video!
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By DuBois Fatique Syndrome
    I love this video to death! Can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love u

    By G.D. 2908 omg
    Look I love u Steve perry journey was so wrong 4 replacing u.u said u only needed a year or 2 for your sickness In your mouth and throat I don't like the guy that sings now.
  • Eh..

    By RachelCB7
    Can't say I like this video, or even the song really, but I LOVE Journey, and thus anything they do gets 5 stars. :P Steve Perry forever.
  • Wonderfully goofy 80s video

    By zenfrodo
    Back when MTV actually played music videos, back when music videos were a budding art form, the combination of bands not knowing what they were getting into, the record industry trying to figure out how to use these things to convince fans to buy the music AND directors who were too arty for mainstream -- it all gave us such goofy masterpieces as Journey's Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction is one of those forgotten 80s videos so typical of the genre: gloriously goofy, bright & colorful and making absolutely no sense in context of the song. The vid was filmed on the heels of the Separate Ways video, and features a gorgeous black-and-white art deco set & the band in tuxes. Steve Perry & Neal Schon argue over a woman (a manikin) in alternating verses, culminating in Schon punching Perry out and then making out with said manikin, who turns into a live woman by the end of the video. Things to watch for: the fast montage of clips (showing the band smoking), some roadie in the back replacing Schon while Neal's arguing with Perry at stage-front, Neal ripping his shirt off (oh, if the camera had just held the shot a second longer...).
  • Awesome video back then

    By downtowntinabrown
    I've always said that Steve Perry had a unbelievable voice. Not too many guys can sing hard rock, soft rock and ballads like that other than maybe Lou Gramm from Foriener . Steve Perry rules!
  • Uhhhhhhhh...

    By Zak3
    Journey is a great band and iTunes really should get more vids, BUT LIVE!!! Not like this weird one! And I'm sorry to say this is the first time I've not given journey a perfect 5 stars ;(

    By Perrylover1983
    Journey is one of the most legendary bands in music history !! They're just PERFECT !! And, Steve Perry is the cutest, most sweetest guy there is !! JOURNEY WILL FOREVER ROCK !! Please, upload more Journey videos like "Ask The Lonely" and "Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)"
  • Steve Perry Rocks!

    By starsetter
    I just love Steve Perry! I have all of Journey/Steve Perry cd's and their dvd's. He is a vocal god and could hit those high notes with so much passion and he makes them sound so easy to sing, you'd think you could hit it too. No one can deliver power ballads like Steve Perry. A rare talent and a gem to behold!
  • A fun video!!! Please make more JOURNEY+STEVE PERRY available!

    By rockmaster911
    Really fun to watch+listen to! Please, iTunes, make more Journey+Steve Perry (solo) videos available! Thousands will buy them!! REALLY!