Wild Child


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2006-01-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:37

Music Video


  • Parental Advisory

    By Sketiman
    I figured out why there is an advisory.... 1. the video showed her bare feet. 2. there is a reflected city scape in the water, and 3. there is a cat. maybe the person asigning this didnt like cats. LOL Give me a break. I Love the song and Love the video. Just wish she had more.
  • Fabulous!! Love it!

    By musicman192
    iTunes needs to get that album so I can buy the music in the album. Enya music is a great sleeping pill for evenings and nights as I often have a difficulty sleeping. Listening to Enya before bed helps. Try it!
  • omg

    By marzil
  • sensational!!!!

    By frogation
    Enya....ahhhhhhh... beauty in all dimensions. I love the song! As usual, Enya looks and sounds fantastic.
  • Amazing video! WHY EXPLICIT?!

    By JAH113
    Love this video. Why is there a "Parental Advisory" on this? There is nothing explicit about it. Maybe the person who assigned it, doesn't like Enya. Can't imagine why... Anyways... watch this, you'll love it.
  • But it !

    By FlaPhoto58
    Cannot understand the explicit warning. There is nothing explicit, just a great song and video.
  • Loved the song so I got the video

    By Rattlehead4386
    Why in the world is there a "Parental Advisory" sticker there? I didn't see any explicit content in the video or hear any in the song. Is she sending subliminal messages? Either way I still love the woman, if only I were 10 years older. Rawr rawr!!
  • awesome

    By Classof2007
    i love this video! its awesome!