The Killers

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:12

Music Video


  • The Killers r soooo awesome

    By CalicoJane
    OMG!!! This is one of my fav music videos ever! I fell in love with them the first time i heard their music and i am totally hooked! Their music is origional and addictive and i just cant listen to the songs i used to cuz ive been spoiled now. *sigh* Brandon is sooo hot and im going to their concert saterday!!!!!! My friends r all jealous and u should really really buy this vid.
  • From Contol to SadowPlay, eh?

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    I recently saw the movie Contol & was re-introduced to Joy Divsion's tragic story. I have to admit, I'm a late bloomer to "Joy D." I staretd with posthumous; New Order & never looke back... Until Control slapped me upside the head! HELLO!!! WOW! A great movie - captured in this fantastic Killer Video. Ian Curtis has a new life. I also like The Wombats, dancing with Joy Division (video & song). & @ thi svery moment I'm ripping the specila editions of Closer & Still... & you probably know about the others... If not - Go Find Them. Joy Division took the Punk out of PUNK & put the Teccno in New Wave/Underground RAVE!!! They set the pace for the likes of; The Cure, Taliking Heads, Police, Cars, & now The Killers & Wombats & what we know today as "Alternative..." Long Live Ian Curtis!
  • Very Intriguing

    By NewRocker19
    This is a cool video. I like the tv effect and it was very entertaining to watch. The Killers is like the best band ever. Everyone should download this video.

    By jaredravenscraft
    the killers make the greatest and most inspiring music they keep me listnen ,, all there music is good, i wish they would have a new album soon.... shadowplay is great i would recamend it.. brandon flowers is a young shakesphere in the music world he is my hero
  • Great Once Again

    By vines882000
    I have to say that I am a loyal fan, and I purchase everything the band puts out.I am never dissapointed by this band and they continue to impress me. The Killers will make you have faith in music again. In this day of age with no true artists i'm glad that the KILLERS are around to listen too.
  • good video

    By Indipod
    I like the video , it could be better. I love the sond and because of that I give it 3 starts
  • control

    By dshort35
    the movie looks good! but it's not playing in las vegas. the killers can't do anything bad!!! amazing cover, amazing band and amazing video!!! buy it support good music!
  • They do it again!!

    By drummergirl14
    i don't know how the killers do it. This song is Amaizing!!!!!! Buy this song or dude u r seriosly square!!!!
  • This is an Awesome video!

    By barry manilo
    The movie looks good, this vid makes me wanna go see it. Great cover song.
  • One of the great bands of this time

    By Brycetheman
    I've never been disappointed with anything The Killers have written or made and this video just adds to their excellence. Watch this video and you won't be disappointed.

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