Kiss Me

Sixpence None the Richer

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2006-09-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:58

Music Video


  • Beautiful!!

    By SillySonya
    My autistic son loves this song. He first heard it after we watched the movie "She's All That". It just mesmerized him. He wants to watch it over and over. The video is different from this one, but I like them both. On a side note, I did my research and found out that the lead singer, Leigh Nash, is a Texas girl too! Love supporting hometown artists. Kudos!
  • Love it!

    By Sam Brightside
    Brings back the memories of my senior year in High School 1999! Love the song but enjoyed the "She's all that" video they did!
  • Prove me wrong

    By Snail Man
    I beleive that this is the original. The other one your mentioning was a video the did for ,I beleive Dawsons creek. Another thing. THIS IS A GREAT SONG

    By Walter85
    OMG this is such a good song but i do like the video never senn the original but GREAT SONG!!
  • Love It!

    By Super Awesome Ninjit Person
    I'm doing this for a talent show and I love the video, really cute!
  • Wha?!?!

    By Eromarap
    Where is the one with Hayley Williams in it?!?!?!
  • no, seriously.

    By pinchebolas
    this is not the original video, in the original she sings with her lips bright red and some dude playing accordion and stuff on the back, I WANT THE ORIGINAL, NOT SOME AFTERMARKET SALE!!
  • Ks_sooners

    By ks_sooners
    Love this song so much!!!!!! Brings back those great memories of my highschool days. Man I miss those days where did they go?
  • Good song, OK video

    By tennisgurl123
    The song is awesome but the video reflects no connection to the song in my opinion.
  • There's a Nice Song

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    Nice song - Alway's loved it. & was totally surprised to hear this was a Christian Rock Band. gave me New Faith of the Born Again type for Christian Rock/Poppers. Really crossed over & sprung SNR into the SpotLight! Not sure they aever topped this classic... But I do like their sound... The video is schmaultzy & everyone who already called ITunes on it is correct - The Original was the one. YUP! All I can figure is the Lawyers of the Round table have some kind of Claim to Hold that won't let Apple take a Bite! 'Cause you know ITunes would use the classic we all grew to love - if only they could... Maybe if we huff & puff & threaten to BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN???? Nah... I've tried that a few times. Won't getchya aywhere. So "Kiss Me & Shut-Up!"

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