What Hurts the Most


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2008-01-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:42

Music Video


  • DUDE!

    By Earthinexile
    This is the best.
  • Who the hell do u think u are

    By Ke$haFan!
    Rascal sing it waaaay better and u can't sing okay! Plz stop hurting ppls ears when u sing! Dang! I rather her Friday then this bull!

    By Future female singer!
    I love it!! The video was a bit eh but i love this song!! It inspires me so much :) I love u Cascada!
  • Alright

    By clever name.
    Um, it could have been better if it had taken more of a Lady GaGa with the shot of her with her mascara running down her face. It didn't look too good. Otherwise, amazing. Don't take this the wrong way, I am a HUGE Cascada fan!
  • .

    By Ggdyjvdrsohrwiiures
    Mark Wills sang it first! Just saying:) And was the makeup all down her face really necessary ? Eh, not a fan
  • Good singer bad video!

    By Veabezzie
    It makes me sad, she turned it into a girl power song and a i got over you by hanging with the girls song. I watch the rascal flats one and everytime i do i cry its heart renching. I think she sings grat but she tried to lighten the point of the song, at the end she slams the door in the guys face laughing. At the end of rascal flats the girl who really lost the one she loves kneels by a grave marker f where is car crashed. He had told her he sw her in his funture but she teased and didnt tell him and right after that he died so as shes kneeling by the grave marker shes sobbing the words she regrets nit saying that day, how she felt, she says i saw you. I think this video was an insult to that one to be honest.
  • OMG.

    By jkferguson
    Rascal Flatts did an amazing job with that song and so did Cascada. Although I prefer Cascada's "Yanou's Candlelight" Version (aka the slower version) better, Cascada did a fascinating, touching job. Her music is beautiful. I love it.
  • Brittany's Review

    By brittany the chipette
    I understand a lot of you hate it bcuz it was Rascal Flats song.She didn't steal it.They let her use it.Idiots!She's amazing!She didn't screw it up.She made it uncountry like.Half the time,I hate country.Except for some artists.So shut up!Cascada,you are an amazing singer!Don't let them bother you with their stupid(and I mean stupid)opinions.Bcuz what they are saying is not the truth!
  • horrible cover

    By Coris07
    are you kidding me? I like cascada but she needs to leave country music alone it isnt meant to be danced too , she stripped away the meaning of the song. Rascal Flatts version is the best because it was how it was meant to be, not a stupid dance track. obviously ppl dont appreciate music as it should be ... cascada stick to your meaningless lyrics for the dance floor
  • RocKS

    By Lovess it
    Seriously stop hating... This woman's hot, she can sing, and you have gotta giver her props because she's 1,000,000 x better at lip syncing than pretty much any hot artist in 2010!!! This song freaking rocks!!!!!!!!

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