Better Get to Livin'

Dolly Parton

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2008-02-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:37

Music Video


  • Dolly, Still the Queen of Country!

    By MS. Mary
    Dolly has always known who she is, where she came from...I have enjoyed each of Dolly's songs and movies forever and cannot wait for the next one! Keep on singing lady! Your versitility is truly a gift. Love you Dolly!
  • Incredible !!!

    By Lounge Lizard Louie
    I wasn't much of a fan until I saw this video. You know, I've heard her music and liked it but didn't pay too much attention to her work. Then I ran across this one and was stunned. I think it's incredible! 100% accurate. If fits my woman to a "T". The person who is so busy worrying about what they don't have and never spends time enjoying what they do have. The "green-eyed" jealousy visual theme and "disatisfied woman" lyrics is perfect. Overweight, under-paid, under-appreciated are all things that we all suffer from, man or woman, and should take a back seat to everything else that makes our lives enjoyable and successful. We should take every last woman in America, tie them to a chair and make them watch this video until the message sinks in !!! Great job Dolly!!!
  • better get to livin

    By Sasse3
    Horrible preview.....Itunes can do better!
  • It's an awesome song and video

    By MyCatRugby
    The video rocks musically and it's very visually creative. If people are concerned about not knowing if they'd like it, view it on YouTube first....? :)
  • Amazing!!!

    By kingtrode
    Dolly at her best!
  • It Sounds familiar.

    By #1victoriousfan
    It sounds like Miley Cyrus's song ''7 Things'' a little bit.The video was like her song & mileys video is the same thing.
  • I love Dolly!

    By Ezeq86
    And i love this video!
  • Idk,

    By rahh!
    I dont know wether to love or hate this little lady! This vid is cute :)
  • hmmmmm

    By ``(-______-)``
    I find it likable.
  • nothing to see

    By awaterworld
    not buying based on that preview

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