Ain't No Reason

Brett Dennen

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2007-06-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:28

Music Video


  • It sickens me how.....

    By Hamilton kitten
    O how it sickens me that songs like rolling in the deep and the lazy song get played every half hour on the radio and brilliant masterpieces like this one remain hidden from most of the world I guess some things are just too good for the general population to handle
  • Brett Dennen

    By Smale Family Account
    We just need more people like him today.
  • Awesome

    By chargers2185
    You just dont see this good a video these days
  • Good

    By Rosemaryemma7
    Good video Btw to the person that posted earlier, Brett dennen is a boy
  • I love him

    By indigoblue123
    He is such a talented artist and he sings about such meaningful topics, not to mention he has a fantastic voice that is not the cookie cutter voice.
  • moving, soulfull, and heartbreaking

    By bandgeek248
    the song speaks for itself
  • I think she is a really talented songstress! A little rough-voiced though...for a women

    By helly1080
    When I first saw this great new female artist, I thought," Nice!". Finally a talented artist that appeals to middle-aged women. She has such an original voice. Like I've heard that lisp before somewhere. She is not the prettiest woman in the world, but she is very talented and they did up her hair very pretty for this video
  • Inspirational

    By iTunes Critiquer
    This video perfectly syncs the lyrics with the visuals making a good video, but what makes it a great video is the fact that each and everything that Brett Dennen says in this song is symbolic to other worldly crisis', which the video itself helps you to more understand. This video completly changes your perspective on life and makes you wonder about whats wrong with the world, and should inspire you to help fix it. This video could quite be the best and most meaningfull music video there is.
  • Amazing

    By obxmusicfan
    This song and video are utterly brilliant. Brett Dennen deserves five stars for speaking out and making us take a hard look at our actions. This video makes us remember that things we do every day can have dire consequences. Like the woman who looks up and realizes that the thread attached to the shirt she is washing is connected to sewing machines operated by women in sweat shops. So many people today believe that if we ignore the issue and don’t speak about it, it will simply fade away. This video makes us think. Makes us take a good hard look at ourselves and what the true cost is for us to live our prized American lifestyle. We should applaud Brett Dennen for taking such a forward approach to difficult and sometimes painful issues.
  • :) good song!!!

    By Fan-freakin-tastic!?
    awww this song is sooo meaningful!!!! and his voice is so soothing!!! love it love it love it!!!! and the video is good 2!!!!! HEHE!!!!

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