Nine In the Afternoon

Panic! At the Disco

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2008-03-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:17

Music Video


  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By afycsodoab
    i love
  • Cool

    By Megmilo1002
    Just for the record, I think thier mustaches are awesome.
  • ah the memoriess

    By ~maina~
    a million years ago i walked into my friends house this was on mtv and the obsession started it hasnt stopped its perf i cry when i hear it is that weird well idc what u think its all good this song is one of the best ever i reccommend it wholly bye
  • I love this !!!!!!!!!

    By WHAT !!!#
    it's amazing just speaks to me and i'm a really picky person just amazing to me BEST i've listened to in a while
  • Ballad of Mona Lisa

    By Weewee peewee
    Now I know that PATD is my favorite band. I heard the song a few years ago and loved it but did not know who it was by. Then I saw The Ballad of Mona Lisa and really liked it. I still hum those two songs to the day. Go PATD!!
  • Pretty Awesome

    By dannyggggggggg
    I really liked this video. My brother says that he likes when the bearded man smiles.
  • love this.

    By kathrynisawesome
    this is the New Millenium's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I mean, both are/were on drugs... right? Love this!
  • PATD is the best band of all time!

    By Synysderp
    I loooooove this video- it's one of my favorites by Panic. Brendon and Ryan look adorable but Brendon looks a little creepy with the mustache... If you liked this video I would recommend That Green Gentleman- mini Ryan is the cutest little kid I've ever seen! P.S. I still don't get why they dropped the !
  • oh... i get it!

    By Spacefox80
    i see london, i see liverpool, i see "I AM THE WALRUS" ( animal masks) and "SGT. PEPPER" (band and stuff). Beatles, anyone? great video. quirky and just 4 stars worthy. :D
  • People, stop hating on something you don't understand

    By ElBizcocho
    First of all, for all of you people who are saying this is bad because it's weird... NO! Weird does not mean bad. It just means that it is creative, (good) not the same thing that you always hear; different (good), and just plain COOL! (very good) Just because you want to always be boring doesn't mean you have to criticize things that are not. This is a great song and video, with a catchy tune, great costumes, and a nice out-of-the-box final product.

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