• Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:24

Music Video


  • Hair

    By Free2Fly1234
    well, she has the hair flick down at least...
  • Rock=Awesome

    By Tictacfanman
    I love varieties of rock,including alternative,hardrock,and metal and thrash metal and even death metal. this is awesome music
  • Get this video!!

    By ♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥
    Fireflight is truly an amazing band! They are very inspirational, and they're music is simply incredible! I love this music video! It's kind of dark but so positive at the same time! This song has a great message, and this video does, too!
  • Can

    By Sophie M.H.
    Its one of the most amazing music videos I have ever seen. Its simplely not possible that any music video could be as beautiful as this. The music is AWESOME. The editing is AMAZING. But, above all the message is beautiful. The music video disgibes three people struggling with something. I saying though pain, sadness, hurt, heartbreaking, and suffering, there is always hope. To remember that jesus died for us, he feels our pain and will guide us through it. I can simplely can not discribe this video in words. Amazing job Fireflight. ANYONE will want this video.
  • Unbreakable is Unbreakable

    By iLive4God
    The video is pretty good, but I am obsessed with this song. It's a perfect mix a enough rock, but can still hear the words. I love it so much, I recorded it on my phone and it is now my ringtone. Ladies and Gents, this song gives Christian and Gospel a whole new meaning.
  • One of the strangest videos I've ever seen

    By music luving crazy person
    This is still a great band though
  • Unbreakable

    By БытьСТобой
    This is an amazing video, even at first glance. The set is cool, the outfits are amazing, and Dawn can really rock out! The song is awesome and the video fits the song. However, looking deeper at the video, I've been able to decipher it a little better. There's a man in the beginning, who I think maybe was convicted of a crime he didn't commit. The next is a woman. She has cancer or some sort of tumor, I believe, because she doesn't have any hair. The third is a girl. She has an eating disorder, I think bulimia. In the split-second between scenes, you can see a vision of a scale, a measuring tape, and several Barbie dolls. The screen shoots back to Dawn singing, "God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been..." This is a really touching video, reflecting, in general, the tough times that all humans have been through, and the hope we can have in God alone. Good job on this one, Fireflight!
  • Awesome!!!!!

    By Ecukidddd
    I thought this song was absolutely AMAZING. I bought it about 3 months and it is still alllllll I listen too!
  • LOVE IT!!!!!

    By TheBookworm=P
    I absolutely LOVE this video!!!!!!!! The second person is my sister!!! I was THRILLED when I saw her!!!!! Buy it!!!!!!
  • Fo sure! :D

    By The one and only me
    Yea! Gotta love these guys, they're really making a mark on the Christian music industry and giving awesome lyrics and an awesome performance. Go Fireflight! :)

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