There's Nothin (feat. The DEY & Juelz Santana) [Revised Version]

Sean Kingston

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:45

Music Video


  • what the heck?

    By trixareforpimps
    You have ab 18 year old who has no clue what he's rapping about abd doesn't fit in. To some it up if you want good rap check out lil wayne.
  • Sean Kingston is not gangsta

    By robo88888
    sean kingston continues to foul up hip-hop and the radio with his annoying, fake, sing-song voice. He is not gangster at all, he has no street cred. He should just stay out of the game.
  • Sean Kingston best a.k.a @ 2nd best video

    By messiluver
    Sean Kingston u done it again u make me want 2 be a rockstar this video wuz good but it needs a little more work but it is awesome
  • Good Song

    By Jerzeyboi85
    Keep up the good work Kingston. People hating cuz you big... Lets see, Bone Crusher, 1 member of Three 6 Mafia, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Biggie Smalls, should I keep going? Size ain't got nothing to do with how good you make music.
  • Dude, slap your producer.....

    By A Critic named Sweet-back!
    ....and I'll slap the cat that gave you a record deal!! Is he even Jamaician?!! Half the time he has an accent, then he switches. I can't figure this cat out--what is his brand of music? He is worthless to music!! Itunes, put a thing that gives artists NO stars---Sean Kingston is the first candidate!!
  • ehhh

    By warriorsrock
    da song iz crakin buh the video is lame.
  • He's gettin better

    By devinthedude
    This song is a hell of a lot better than Beautiful Girls It has a nice beat.
  • Hot Video

    By kat1990
    The video is hot. Everybody looks good in the video and i really like tha song. Again people be hatin on Sean Kingston because he is big. So what!!! This makes me so mad because yea he talkin abut girls feeling up on him, but rick ross (who is also big) got girls feeling up on him and so did biggie and other big people. Stop hatin cause he doing his thing and making money. Also he is 18 who had one of the hottest songs of 2007 and thats big.
  • COOL!

    By theaterbuff101
    I like it...
  • No...

    By -Broadway Girl-
    Mkay...blah blah blah...people say it's very sexy, and i admit the girls are. But this video is ruined by some fat 18 year old saying how random hot girls are trying to "feel up on him". It ruins the whole picture. I don't understand why people keep telling him to get on a diet, but never does. It's not like Josh Nickles on Drake & Josh, who was funnier when he was fat and is now freakishly skinny. At least Josh wasn't talking about "feeling up". Not worth the money and slightly disturbing. Ew. ~Sara

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