Bedtime Story


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1995-03-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:26

Music Video


  • Bedtime Story

    By Babcia1980
    too short
  • Bor

    By Johnnyhjh
  • my fav video

    By godangelvampire
    futuristic yet realistic within illussions this video is super and imensely creative i can wait for her or other artis to come out with a similar concept mean while hopefully she is enjoyin that brazilian hard candy ....yum love them brazilian man bois
  • Where?

    By Holla from Sweden!
    Where is the Human Nature video? If you have this one, the Human Nature video is from the same time period, so it should be here, but its not. Please, itunes? Please?
  • This video is timeless!

    By zasolano
    If you watch this video today or in 20 years, you would never guess it's from 1995. But of course, such a great video fit perfectly an excellent song written mostly by Bjork. It was the most expensive video made at its time and it's inspired on the works of female painters (there's even a hint of Frida Kahlo's "Las dos Fridas" paint). Don't miss a chance to buy it, this is definetely a must have for any Madonna fan!

    This vidoe is very neat & futuristic it gos like this she is in a lab and you can see her deams there is this big door with a stick then there is this girl then you see her in a sunflower opening and closing then you see that she is fat and crows come out of her then there is this man with a cube and she is in it then all these people are im a theater and she is in the screen then she is naked in a pond that writes something then she saw sombody then there are all these people in difernte rooms then she starts flying and the the little girl gets scared and then she wakes up
  • bedtime party

    By joshoh1
    each frame could be a glorious still frameWORK of art. AMAZING super AWESOME magnificent MADONNA party~!

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