Cry for You


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2008-04-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:48

Music Video


  • Sexy cool fun

    By Area51official
    Never knew much about her til I heard this song on the radio at work recently, but absolutely love her now. This vid is a must have!
  • this should be a club hit!

    By ecf83001
    september is amazing. she has a great voice. i think this video is very unique with the special effects in the background. this song can really pump you up! september i hope this song plays in a club!
  • So Awesome!

    By Nelly Morales
    I wish she would come to the US!!! love her video!
  • exellent

    By erickpino
    love this video she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nowhere close to sexy

    By La Musiqe
    That's the only possible point I can think of for this video, and it failed. And she sounds bad, even for someone with auto-tune.
  • *no comment*

    By soccersport99

    By musicINmotioN.
    VERY cool ad just wanna make u get upand dance also u must get the song cause it is the best of the best
  • CGA pallettes for the win :)

    By txshtkckr
    Given that September's style draws so much from the '80s, the use of a Cyan/Magenta/White color pallette (one of the two available on the early Color Graphics Adapter video cards) for the environment was a nice touch. I don't know if the reference was intentional or not, and it seems unlikely that most viewers would make the connection, but I still found it amusing. I can't bring myself to give this full marks because the theme of the video really does not fits the lyrics. On the other hand, who really cares? This video is sexy and fun, and I guarantee it will be played at my next party.
  • Love This Song!

    By 1emokid
    Cry For You is probably one of the best techno songs out there. I wish September would catch on in the US
  • Great Video!

    By Revenger681
    Love this girl. I'd love to see more music vids of her songs!

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