Never Would Have Made It

Marvin Sapp

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2008-05-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 12:44

Music Video


  • Devoted

    By Ms Bele
    Stop and take notice. You will make it because of His Love Amen Amazing
  • OMG

    By Ms RN2U
    To comment on the person that said the song was nothing, obviously u have not been through enough in life. The message is understood. If u think back on how u have ever gotten out of a messed up situation, whether it be bills, bad relationship, loss of a loved one ask yourself who's footprints were those in the sand, when you could barely lift your head! If u can't feel this song, my advice is to keep'll see!
  • Thank the lord our god that this song ended!

    By Critic Wilson
    I really do not understand at all why all the ratings are so high. I belive that the lord our god is holy in all he does. But this song barely tapping into explaining how the lord's glory is high and all powerful. The song itself is not good, the Marvin Sapp would barely lasted even a minute infront a real audiance, and lastly the only reason he got such good ratings from other people is because the other critics who rated him were biased. The only positive thing I can think about this song is that it is "Christian and Gospel."
  • Wow......

    By Buffalo SoulJAH
    This is absolutely incredible. Watch it for yourself if you doubt it. Five stars? Please. TEN stars if I could. I just hope he's for real.
  • GREAT SONG!!!!!

    By leslin
    This song really lifts my spirit . MayGod countinue to bless his voice as he sings for the Lord
  • God is So Good

    By Namode
    I saw Marvin Sapp sing this song on the BET awards and I felt the Lord's presence through the TV. Marvin thank you blessing us with this song. Marvin won the BET award for Best Gospel and in his acceptance speech he said he wasn't going to sing this song but his wife told him to. To his wife, Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel to ask your husband to sing this song. It was such a blessing to me. I'm downloading now onto my ipod and it will continue to bless me so I can always remember that "I Never Would Have Made it Without Jesus". Bless you,

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