Walking On Air


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2008-05-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:52

Music Video


  • Kerli's amazing!

    By Nick C Loves Kerli
    I've been in lovw with Kerli from the 1st time I watched this video years ago she's such an amazing artist just a beautiful person inside & out <3 I 'm so lucky to have her as my idol! <3
  • Scary

    By Mickey 😘💓💓💓
    The creepy little girl on the cover of the album is her!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm officially scared
  • Love the song!

    By bugbeetle
    The video has wonderful FX and a great production! When I first watched the video it seemed so creepy but as it goes on it becomes so intriguing. I also love the way Kerli sings! Truely unique! I advise everyone to buy the music video!
  • I Love It!

    By ariananicoley
    I adore music with a creepy twist. It's all about knowing your own weirdness and embracing it. It's actually a really great message. Oh and it makes me laugh how the reviewer who called her a satanist can't even spell their own BS correctly. Oh well, I guess she worships satin. I mean, it's so soft and comfy right? Seriously people....
  • Kerli is amazing!!!

    By FifiCaps
    Kerli is a mix of Bjork, and Amy Lee, maybe a touch of Lady GaGa. She is great and this song is very inspiring. I have grown up with Amy Lee's music and this is gothic, like her.
  • Interesting...

    By why people why
    This certainly isnt what I normally listen (my normal is DGD and letlive) but its interesting and original. Also, Marsielle M is the fist troll i've ever seen on an itunes page, so kudos to Kerli
  • Great song

    By Meeeeech33
    I love this song but not her new style and song Army of love That's not a good song But this song is great
  • Stop hating!!!!!!

    By Halice<33333
    You guys, let the expert tell u what's up! So first of all, Kerli did a song with Tokio Hotel so why would she copy them??? Also, she does not have piercings under her eyes, idiots! Those are stickers to make her look like a doll. Lastly, she is not supposed to be Alice, she's supposed to be a doll. Although, she did do 2 songs on the Almost Alice album for Tim Burtons alice, Tea Party & Strange with Tokio Hotel. P.S KERLI IS NOT SATANIC!!!! What kind of person would say that??? I'm a freaking 12 year old girl and I'm getting the message in this song!! Also I love the whole creepy thing in this video! I love it and I'm for surely not satanic! The creepy doll thing has nothing to do with Satan ok. Check out her other music before you judge her on one song!!!! P.S.S Kerli is awesome!!!!!! <33333
  • Vigilant citizen showed me this song

    By Alchemistress
    If kerli is a satanist band, them I'm going to hell ...
  • LOVE

    By krazyxxkitty
    This music video is..... creepy. but you watch it more and more... you start to love it.

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