Land of Confusion


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-07-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:47

Music Video


  • Song does the original justice, good music video too

    By Tigress666
    I like both versions. I think the original Music Video probably was more original/creative and more appropriate to the theme of the song (though this isn’t bad. I like the Disturbed mascot but my biggest issue with this one is that it feels like they shoe horned him in just to make sure he was in there rather than him being appropriate to the music video. That and I love McFarlane but his style is unique enough that this just feels like a re do of Pearl Jam’s Evolution (it has a very similar theme/feel. Which is good and bad honestly. It’s good cause Evolution was an excellent music video and this does capture the same feel but bad cause it makes it feel a little less creative/unique). As for the song, I think Disturbed did a really good version of it (and I always loved the original so usually you are harsher on what you hear second). I’d say it is equal and because of personal preference I would say I like Disturbed's better (but I think just looking at the music without the fact I tend to prefer harder rock/metal they are about equal). They managed to put their own sound and still keep the feel of the original, in fact I’d say their sound compliments the feel of the original song.
  • Good, the Best Part is The Guy

    By Jade Hades
    This video is pretty cool, the music is definitely better than Genesis' version of "Land of Confusion." The video was definitely less creepy than the Genesis one (Phil Collins in puppet form, go figure). The best part is that THE GUY is in it (For those who don't know, The Guy is the Grim Reaper dude in the video). Disturbed needs to use him in more videos- he's epic! Anyway, the cartoon illustrates the song very well- I just wish the animation looked less like something on Cartoon Network.
  • It's not a remake

    By Recs56
    For everyone who is saying what a good remake, IT'S NOT A REMAKE!!! JUST LOOK AT THE RELEASE DATES!!! THIS WAS RELEASED BEFORE THE GENESIS ONE!!!!
  • Why does it have to be either/or? BOTH versions are great

    By MacTechG4
    I grew up in the days of the Cold War between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, when the threat of nuclear war was omnipresent and oppressing, the fear was always there that either Ronnie or Gorby would wake up in the wrong side of the bed and wipe us all out… I love the Spitting Image puppets, so needless to say, I'm a fan of the original Genesis song, but Disturbed's take on the song is stellar as well, plus it gets me in a rousing "down with The Establishment" mood as well, plus McFarlane's unique graphic style gives this song a presence all it's own It doesn't have to be either Genesis or Disturbed, just get both and enjoy
  • SWEET!!

    By SH/\DOW E\//\-­005 Arc
    this is soo awsome a great combo Disturbed and Geneisi <3 if your a huge fan get this video!!
  • awesome

    By derlama
    man this video is epic! if you are a disturbed fan this is just the thing you need!
  • Best evere

    By OSEA501ST
    The song was amazing, the video was a 4 star but massage in the song is graet. I say that any one should buy it.
  • Insane!!!!

    By the_jz_experience
    This is the coolest music vid i have ever seen. The animation is great and the plot is really cool. Dudz dont hate on the coolest vid ever.
  • Buy. Now.

    By WhatWhereWhenHow?
    This is possibly the coolest and most original music video I have ever seen. Todd McFarlane is a genius. Buy it. Now.
  • ?

    By Car6435
    Dont really understand the vid. And what was that strange symbole. Also the uprising was not acurite to a real war. In a real war they would have been gunned down sadly

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