• Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2000-04-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:06

Music Video


  • Get Stupified

    By Phantom.0
    To quote David Draiman: "He [the kid], in the video, represents my inner child. It’s my inner child that sees the world in a warped way because of what life experience has done - the way the world has treated me or the band and us in general. There are ghosts in our world and remnants of the past and it’s sometimes frightening to look around the corner. That’s kind of what the video symbolizes. The video actually has absolutely nothing to do with the song." This is an excellent, appropriately 'disturbing', (at least to the general population, not to myself) and bloody awesome video. This is one of my favorites by Disturbed. Actually, everything on The Sickness are my favorite songs by Disturbed. The DARK music.

    By SonikkuNinja
    Teh lip sync may have been off on David's words, but who cares? I love that song!!!
  • Cool

    By Dnt really like it
    Great vid
  • Weird

    By mp12121212
    This video is really weird
  • stupify

    By amy's girl
    I liked the strobe effects, but I'm a little confused on what the meaning is here...I missed the part about the goldfish because i only saw the preview, but what is up with the little boy on a mattress, & a stumbling, drunk-seeming businessman??!!!! It seems a little...well, no pun intended... disturbing! I am guessing he's trying to point out how child abuse really can "f" you up, but, WOW that's brutally honest! I mean, I know videos don't have to make sense, but either way it's confusing...
  • this video rocks!!!

    By hisupdude7765
    i love this video!!!. the part i hate is that it lags, like when you watch it, the sound doesnt match davids lips.

    By Syn Rulez
    Disturbed rules and everyone already knows that. They've been topping the charts for as long as they've been around. Cool but weird video. (what's with the goldfish?) Definetly worth it.

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