Give It 2 Me


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-06-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:13

Music Video


  • so so should go with ghost town

    By tst5573
    some of it looks as though she has no arms
  • Yuck

    By Johnnyhjh
  • Poor old thing...

    By missliz
    She may have the best surgeon on Earth. She may have the trickiest cameraman in the industry. But she's over and done. You have nothing more to say, Madonna. You're old. And I'm your publicly disclosed age of 50-ish, meaning that first, my perspective is valid. Second, you're really sixty. Retire gracefully. Pull that video and maybe start acting again? At least you'll be relevant in film instead of a... Sixty year old Pop Princess? Gaga took your queen's crown and does imitations of your eighties work as referenced retro. It's time to go.
  • I like the song

    By phantomlover98
    I like the song but watching the music video was just gross. i'm all for madonna acting sexy in yet another music video but in the one she just looked gross and old. although i have to say i really like the song its an awesome and catchy song.
  • not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!

    By musicINmotioN.
    ok the video is good but it makes the song worse plzz it has nothing to do with the song and what is madonna wearing!!! this is the worst madonna music video ever...i am truly sad cause i am a big madonna fan...:(
  • Can you imagine how much she must have worked out for this.

    By Trebor_in_PHL
    I know Madonna had a facelift. She's always had strong legs, but did she have some work done. I mean she is super strong and zero fat. Can you imagine how much she must work out to look the way she does at close to 50? And I know the video is made in hundreds of retakes, but the overall moves are amazing. I love dance.

    By Marsan-O
    THANK YOU == ITUNES === I Love this video But ...Where's the other { DIE ANOTHER DAY } { HOLLYWOOD } {HUMAN NATURE } { FEVER } { MOTHER AND FATHER - Live } { INTO THE GROOVE } { DROWNED WORLD } { WHO'S THAT GIRL } ...
  • Madge does it again

    By Phil in The Couv
    Madge hits it out of the park AGAIN! Will she ever fall from grace? I hope not. Love the song and the video. Pharrell is SO CUTE too! Love that he made a cameo in her video.
  • Wonderful

    By brendanrrr
    Madonna looks so stunning in this video you have got to buy it the song is soo catchy
  • Girls Aloud??

    By Esplain~it
    The music kind of sounds like Girls Aloud's "Control of the Knife". But Girls Aloud has a more reggae beat to it.. I do really like this video..

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