Nas & Keri Hilson

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2008-07-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:22

Music Video


  • 1 of Many From the Poetic Rapper

    By NyDavidC
    @ Amir, First, a true NAS fan knows, you don't compare him to other rappers. he's at his own league therefore you just don't. Second, To mention or compare weezy, ( who the hell is weezy?) and Lil, Wayne to NAS is just right ridiculous. This is in no way taking anything away from Lil Wayne. I enjoy his style, most of the time. However, again, you don't place him along side NAS. They are two different in styles and creativity. I just finished purchasing this video, "Hero". Which is , 1 of many, from the poetic rapper NAS. For those of you who are now familiarizing your selfs with this artist, I also recommend " The Book Of Rhymes " . I'm not sure if there's a video for it.
  • hero

    By truhustle
    hot video
  • Hero by Nas

    By psychooo
    This is Nas in the 21st century. His old stuff was bomb, he was super street and very lyrical in his raps and interpretations. This song is cool because he goes sorta main stream with an upbeat, lively instrumental with tons of bass. But his lyrics and rap style don't see as much change.
  • Hip hop at its best

    By Slapp93
    This is actually the first Nas song I've ever heard. I'm very impressed with it. The beat is fantastic and the vocals are powerful. The video is very cool too. Unfortunately, this song only made it to #97 on the Billboard Hot 100. Could someone please tell me why this song's chart performance was so dismal? This song at least should have made it to the top five....maybe even #1.
  • Real Hip Hop

    By BigBack33
    Listen to what he says William Cooper....... Wake up sheep we are getting lead to the slaughter
  • Its Nas what else do u expect?

    By EastCoastman
    Great video with great song, thats Nas
  • nice

    By Hip Hop Is Saved
    best rapper
  • Hey you looking at a Hero? Look at Nas

    By Puregangster
    Hey, thought Hip Hop was dead? Here's the savior.
  • Nas is the Hip/Hop Hero

    By hen187
    All I can say is, you young new generation Hip/Hop fans been buying garbage, from people like Soulja Chump! Buy the real and listen to the words, not just the beat. Hes trying to school yaw. Keep up the good work You are one of the great ones.
  • Hero

    By aaa11
    Nas is the best. He really is a hero to rap and we need more people like him in hip-hop. This song is one of his best and it has a great message.

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