Sex On Fire

Kings of Leon

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-10-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:27

Music Video


  • On fire

    By aarj
    One of a handful of perfect pop songs.
  • This group is on fire!!!

    By Changching63
    awesome song and group!!
  • God

    By CandyCakesxD
    Gosh how I would love it if they play this on the radio a lot.
  • SEEEEEEEXY! (((:

    By Monic'
    This is like the hottest and most sexy video EVER. Dude, your amazingly gorgeous...just saying...(((:
  • Sexy and Edgy

    By Skott J.
    Every once and awhile a song comes around that grabs you immediately and grabs you hard. Sex on Fire is that song. There is an edginess to Calebs voice that lets you know he is into this song. He sings with the urgency that the lyrics demand. You can tell by the tightness of the sound that they've been playing together a LONG time. It is seamless. This song has a little bit of a classic rock feel to it. Both the song and the video are sexy. The use of lighting in the video helps to create that aura of heat. This song made it to the top of my iPod Favorites after one song. Trust me, that says alot.
  • Video NOT on fire

    By Zondervon
    This is a terrible portrail of what thr song is trying to say. I expected more from such an amazing song.
  • Sweet

    By Sexy boy9001
    This is one of the best songs I have ever herd
  • KIngs Of Leon is the definition, of modern rock

    By JohnnyConradi
    Kings of Leon have produced a fantastic sound throughout the years, and basicly, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Kings Of Leon Rulz!!!
  • Review

    By beccavesper
    This music video is excellent quality. I'm extremely pleased with it. Thank you iTunes :)
  • Is "on fire" really such a good thing?

    By emmtilt
    Am I the only one to whom it sounds like he's warning his girlfriend she's got a nasty infection? The line "your sex is on fire" sounds weirdly medical and not terribly, well, sexy to me.

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