A Lot to Drink About

Jimmy Buffett

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2009-03-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:39

Music Video


  • LOVE IT!

    By lunamother
    Thank you, Jimmy, for putting a song and a smile to an otherwise bleak situation. You're way too kind and funny to be mistaken for a Republican!
  • itunes preview stink

    By Robert Bryce
    title says it all
  • awesome

    By Andy Buteyn
    it is an amazing song that describes the current situation of the united states
  • alot to drink about out there!

    By tropicsmon
    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Been following you since 1977 and been to over 70 shows my man, but you are losing me. Stop the political crap. Just cause you are a billionaire and need not worry about the economy...most of us aren't. Don't try to influence me with this political crap! Yes Bush was an idiot but Obama is the anti-christ! After 26 year in the mititary I have a right to make up my own mind. Get back to writing your classic songs (which we haven't seen in quite awhile) and leave politics out of it. The song was horrible by the way. We need more FRUITCAKES and Pirates Looking at 40! Obama, Pelosi, and Reid ARE the TRUE 3 stooges!
  • too bad

    By biggggfan
    too bad he had to 'go there." My husband and I pay lots of $$$$$ to see him every year. We hope he doesn't talk politics in his music again!
  • A lot to drink about

    By Paul1413
    This is just 1 more thing to drink about!! I don't want to be preached to. I dropped so many artist , for the same thing. I have followed your music from the beginning. Please don't turn into one of those who think we give a crap what you're politics are, & that you can save the world by telling us what we should believe. Make a zillion dollars, & crap on your fans!!
  • Dissapointed!

    By mermaidE22
    I have loved Jimmy Buffett for a long time. HOWEVER; sadly he has crossed over to the dark side, mixing his music and POLITICS! Please Jimmy leave the politics at home and just bring the old Parrothead we know and love to the concerts, videos and cd's. I don't give a crap who ya voted for and I don't want to hear your political views. Just stick to what you do best, letting us all have our escape to Margaritaville for a few hours!
  • Political Garbage

    By FedUpWithCelebrity
    A long time Jimmy fan here, but why a political song??? I don't care care who you vote for or who you support... Entertain me, that's all I want... That's what I pay the big bucks to see your show and buy your stuff... Not to here the typical repetetive Bush/Cheney bashing the so called informed celebrities spew....... Come on Jimmy be better than that.....
  • Why Jimmy?

    By Gator Guy
    JImmy can't beleive this crap
  • Say It Aint so Jimmy

    By Martay05
    I Love JB and the lifestyle his music represents. Please stay away from politics !! Hopefully this is the last we hear on that subject.

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